About Us

Welcome to our food blog. This is a shared blog, co-authored by mother-daughter pair, Giz (Gizmar) and Psychgrad. 

Since we have a "buffer zone" of about 5 hours of driving between us, our relationship has been largely lived out over the telephone.  Pretty much all of our telephone conversations revolved around family, daily activities and food.   In November 2007, we decided to take it to the next level and share stories, pictures and recipes with each other by taking advantage of modern technology and starting a blog.

Five years later, we are still having a blast and loving being a part of the food blogging community. while sharing our local (Toronto and Ottawa) and international experiences.

Here's a bit about us, individually....

Psychgrad (aka PG, aka Sara)

I have a hard time giving a simple answer to a simple question, so I don't even know where to start when describing who I am.   Let's start with the factual.  I live in Ottawa (the capital of Canada) with my husband, R.  We've been married (read about the wedding here) for a couple of years, but living in sin for many years prior and I don't like the idea of starting "the clock" back at zero after the wedding.

I spend most of my time trying to find a healthy balance between being career-driven and domestic.  On the domestic side, I enjoy knitting, gardening, cooking, baking and have recently jumped on the preserving bandwagon.  I also really enjoy travelling and experiencing (and writing about) everything the local Ottawa community has to offer.  In August 2012, R and I welcomed our first child, Ms. E.  Since then, pretty much all of my time revolves around her.

If you were to meet me and Giz (my mom) in a group situation, I'd be the quiet one (assuming no alcohol involved).  I'd probably spend my time hiding behind a camera or finding another introvert to have a quiet conversation.  Giz would be the one making the rounds and developing new best friends at every turn.

Gizmar (aka Giz, aka Mary)

I'm the mom of this dual blogging team as well as to my son, who is a Toronto based actor, playwrite, director and producer.  Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba (central Canada), I moved to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in 1995 and have been here since.  My obsession with food began many years ago in my parents' home and with my mother who was determined to make sure that we (4 kids) ate properly and learned a respect and love of local and fresh food.  From a very young age I would accompany my mom to the farmer's markets on Saturday mornings and learned to love everything about them.

I live with my two Shih Tzu dogs who are my constant companions and sous chefs.  They love to go to the markets with me and have come to know most of the vendors, especially those with yummy things for them to eat.

Learning about other cultures and their cuisines is a particular love of mine and I'm always excited to learn new to me culinary styles.  I make jewellery, particularly awareness jewellery and enjoy charity work.

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