Monday, August 11, 2008

Temporarily in Hell

I just sold my house and am moving to a wonderful condo in about a week. I'm temporarily living in hell. Box Hell and I feel like Double 07 - Agent Oy Vey. As Psychgrad so specifically told me, I'm not the only one that's ever moved in this world and I should just suck it up. So rather than continue to complain to Psychgrad who clearly has zero tolerance for my whining, I'm here to share my sense of misery -but only for a short while.

For all the events that I had all good intentions of entering this month and didn't come through - I aplogize. I'm currently eating off paper plates, one coffee cup and the ultimate generosity of friends and family who have either invited me over for dinner or taken me out with them. I guess it's hard to get rid of me when I'm holding on to their legs as they try to get out the front door and they're dragging me across the floor with them. I know, I'm seriously pathetic. Next weekend is the dreaded "garage and contents sale". I'm downsizing and have way too much furniture for a condo. Plus I just don't know what I'll do with 5 t.v.'s and my ever faithful Weber BBQ. BBQ's are not allowed in the condo.

In the midst of all the insanity, the poor dogs are trying (unsuccessfully) to make sense of why their space is now lined with boxes, boxes and more boxes.

Psychgrad's note: Here is it in writing - I want this buffet stand when you're ready to give it up. Hence, Actorboy is S.O.L.

Giz's comment: There seems to be some competition going on - Actor Boy has already swooped in for mom's throw aways and didn't have room for the buffet in the van. Since Actor Boy already took one of the antique side tables, you can have the buffet. You can also have the lovely diningroom set too if you want it ;)...that's a bit of an inside joke since Psychgrad absolutely hates the diningroom set.

To the winners of Tried, Tested and True 2 - I boxed your prizes and then realized that all my beads are packed so will have to wait until I unpack my bead room to be able to include your prizes from Blue Marigold. In the meantime, for those who have not already chosen, please go visit the Blue Marigold website and pick out your desired style.

The good news - the place I'm moving to is perfect for me and they'll be taking me out of there in a pine box. My biggest criteria was a great kitchen and I'm happy to say, it has a great kitchen. Once I'm moved, I'll take pictures and share. You're all welcome to the house warming party. If everyone doesn't fit into the condo, no worries, there's a fabulous party room with full dining room and kitchen. Bring your suits for a swim in the indoor pool and we can watch cooking shows in the private theatre in the building.

Psychgrad and I would like to acknowledge receipt of the Brilliant Weblog Award from Ohio Mom from Cooking in Cleveland. Thanks "Mom" for this lovely award. We will, with pride display this award on our blog. It seems still so strange when we're given an award. I feel like I have to look twice and say something like "you talkin' to me???"

There are many blogs I'd love to share this award with. I will - once I get settled.

And Psychgrad - seriously thanks for picking up the slack while I'm in transition. StumbleUpon


PG said...

What? You were even considering giving Actorboy the buffet? I called it eons ago!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee... my sister and I have had our disagreements over various pieces of furniture too. But the biggest ones have been over cherished dishes and pots and pans!

Good luck with the move!

kat said...

Oh there is nothing like moving. We did a big move from San Francisco to Minneapolis last year & I know how tiring & overwhelming it can be

Anonymous said...

Oh no! You poor thing, that's a LOT of work! GL with it all!

April was in CA now MA said...

Being a military spouse I feel your pain. Every four years I wonder why in the heck I have so much crap! LOL

Your new place sounds fabulous and I can't wait to see pictures of the kitchen! Take deep breaths and focus on how much fun unpacking and settling into your new digs will be. :)

What's Cookin Chicago said...

Congrats on the new place! Hope your move goes smoothly :)

OhioMom said...


You have my heartfelt sympathy and feel free to whine to me anytime. I went thru this 5 years ago (job loss) and had to pick up and move 26 years of my life in 30 days, and to top it all off in November .. we moved in here on December 1st a few days before a snowstorm.

We had soup and crackers for Thanksgiving that year, out of paper bowls because everything was packed .. the soup came out of a can.

That cats had panic attacks, one stayed under my dresser for an entire week after the move, refusing to eat until I literally laid on the floor and fed him by hand. (I think he was probably sneaking out at night, and just wanted me to feel guilty for disrupting his routine)

BTW, I told my children the same thing .. "a pine box"!

LOL ... see you are not a whiner at all, I would like some cheese with mine :)

Elle said...

We moved into this house a year and a half ago, and i hope we won't be doing it again any time soon. Hope!

Hang in there!

glamah16 said...

Hey take it easy. It takes while to recover from a move. No worries.

Anonymous said...

Ugh moving, I feel for you. Take it easy and grab hold to those legs hard, someone might try to shake you off!

JillyB said...

My heartfelt sympathies to you! I hate moving and after moving half way round the world am not inclined to do it ever again! Hope it all goes well.

Bunny said...

Awe man moving sucks! My heart goes out to you. I hated moving and I've only done it 2 times in 15 yrs. Do you have a bottle of wine in the midst of all the boxes? Wine always makes things look better. Good luck with your move I hope it's as painless as it can be.

grace said...

hang in there, giz! i detest moving, yet i seem to do it every other year. thankfully, i've got brothers with some strong backs. :)
oh, and my #1 criterion for a new place? a nice kitchen. :)

Darius T. Williams said...

Oh that weber grill, wanna send it my way. I loves me some BBQ and it's becoming the perfect weather for great bbq.

Well, now that I'm thinking about it - it's always the perfect time for bbq.


Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Heaven is just around the corner. Condo living has it's advantages:D

That Girl said...

Hmmm from the sound of things you're moving into our complex - big party room, private theater........too bad I have a feeling you're not coming out to the west coast! Sending good moving dust your way.

Nic said...

I hate moving, best of luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move, it's so stressful isn't it but will be worth it in the end (hug).

Rosie said...

Oh Giz I hope your move goes well :D

Rosie x

Ruth Daniels said...

Having moved from Toronto (in the same house for 17 years) to Halifax last year...I empathize!

Our condo doesn't allow BBQs I've gotten accustomed to the Griddler and grill pans on top of the stove...not a bad alternative.

Good luck

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