Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cookies Galore & View and Review

Feel like reading a short story?

When R and I got married, Actorboy (my lovely brother) offered us a multiple-choice wedding gift. Here...let me write out the card:

For your gift. I would like to offer you one of 3 gifts and you choose the one you like.

1. Vacation to Toronto during [theatre festival Actorboy is involved with], including free passes to all shows and accommodation, downtown.

2. $200 worth of new music for your listening pleasure. All newly bought, guaranteed for you to love.

3. I would create and make a 5 minute film with you, casting professional actors and a professional dio.p (camera operator) and film editor. You will direct the movie. I will help.

We chose option 2 because the timing on the first one didn't work for us and the third one just sounded like something that would result in Actorboy and I killing each other (we don't always see eye to eye).

In the end, I never did get my selected gift. But, I liked the precedence it set. So - to maintain my "we do not celebrate Christmas" battle, I came prepared to receive gifts with a card detailing multiple choice options for Actorboy and his gf. Here's what mine said (with my own thoughts on the gift in red):

This year, for your gift, I would like to offer both of you a choice of one of four options:

1. I will design a research study and collect and analyze data from 20 participants on a subject of your choosing. (this one is mainly just me mocking my brother for his 3rd option, above)

2. I will knit any item of your choosing -- you select the pattern. (this is the gift I expected them to pick)

3. Both of you can come to Ottawa for dinner. Following dinner you will receive a private bagpipe performance. (R was really opposed to this one - private performances always bring back bad memories of his days in bagpipe competitions and performing at weddings. I assured him that they weren't going to pick this one)

4. We can negate any outstanding wedding gift owed. (Pretty self-explanatory...also a last opportunity to "stick it" to him)

Guess which one they chose! Option 3. R is not impressed. Wait until he finds out that he has to wear a kilt for it too. R is just hoping that they're forget about the gift all together.
I know Giz told you about the Galaktoboureko, which she served for dessert on Christmas. Stopping there might resemble a normal amount of dessert (maybe slightly on the excessive side, but still within a reasonable range). Never ones to settle for reasonable, dessert also included these cookies:

1. Cranberry White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies from Katie at Good Things Catered...Except I used milk chocolate chips rather than white chocolate. Highly recommend you try this recipe -- so good!

2. Giz's Bran Muffins -- also very good.

3. Biscotti -- Giz bought these at her favourite Italian store.

4. Peaking through are Shortbread Cookies made in the processor.

5. Chocolate Chocolate Cookies

6. Butter Tarts -- also very good!

7 & 8. Rugalech -
Ugh - how did I manage to number two of the same item?!?

9. Biscotti (store bought)

Also included were Kourabiedes (Cocaine Cookies) and some Snickerdoodles that didn't work out so well (accidental doubling of butter).

Also featured on the table were some cute seasonal napkins that I got from Loblaws. As a member of View and Review (a group within BloggerAid:Changing the Face of Famine), I received a box filled with these goodies from Loblaws.

R kept the truffles as his special treat. Thankfully, they're very rich -- so there was never any temptation to have more than one at a time. I brought in the maple butter fudge to work. Although I'm not a huge fan of fudge, they were well received by my colleagues. It was a bit confusing, though, to see that the maple syrup came from Quebec but that the product was made in England.

All I have left over is the Pad Thai sauce. It looks enticing, but I'm a bit weary about the salt content -- 610 mg in 4 tbsp. Check out Val from More Than Burnt Toast's delicious-looking dish, made with the pad thai sauce.

Funnily enough, I just came home from my weekly trip to Loblaws. Now that we've moved, I shop there regularly. I'm really hoping to see them expand their line of eco-friendly household items to all of their stores (not just the mega stores).



giz said...

Just for the record - #3 & #9 are also the same thing :)

FOODalogue said...

The apple(s) doesn't fall far from the humor tree.

Julia said...

I love the idea of giving a choice of presents! It's personalized in a whole different way.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Giving my daughter a choice of presents would eliminate the very long wish lists we get each year, categorized from least expensive and so on...

Hopie said...

I love the idea of a multiple choice present. What fun! Mmm, and all those desserts look delicious.

kat said...

That is one heck of a cookie tray. The multiple choice gifts is pretty funny

noble pig said...

Is there a food post here because honestly I am laughing so, so hard at the giftings that I can't even go on. OMG hilarious, made my morning.

MommyLisa said...

I did cranberry - chocolate chip cookies too, but used dark & no oatmeal.

rented life said...

omg, I'm so doing this gift idea for my family next year. I'm so tired of "oh I don't want anything." Um, it's a gift.

Neen said...

Giggle. That's awesome about the gifts. I will admit, there have been one too many times where my brother and I have exchanged "gifts" with the promise to order the actual physical objects from online and mail them to each other... and kind of forgot to follow through. :)

Mini Baker said...

Just found your blog and I'm very excited! You've got some great recipes... can't wait to browse! -Mini Baker
ps. The idea of a choice of presents is brilliant!

Juliana said...

Nice variety of cookies...honestly would like to have a bite of each one:-)