Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wellington Gastropub

It took 3 attempts to finally get a table at Wellington Gastropub. With each reservation rejection, my determination grew stronger.

I recently learned that a gastropub is essentially a pub that takes its food up a notch. There is no doubt that the Gastropub's food would not be confused with typical pub fare.

For starters, we ordered a tomato appetizer. It included heirloom tomatoes, over a bed of lettuce (I think baby spinach and arugula), with small cubes of feta, home made croutons and a oil-based vinaigrette.

The clear and intended star of this dish is the tomato. I hope I get to eat more delicious heirlooms before the season is over.

For the main, I had a chicken breast, with the drumette of the wing attached. It was served with a corn relish. The "relish" was primarily corn, but also included leaks, mushrooms and peppers. It tasted good, but overall, was a lot of corn.

I fell in love with one corner of the restaurant where a large shelf of preserves is housed. I now want to replicate it at home...on every wall. This picture, is just part of the shelf:

Overall, we enjoyed our meal. The fresh, local ingredients certainly were the stars. The food was nicely prepared -- it's clear that quality product and service is important to the Gastropub.

I must admit, I was surprised by the atmosphere. I didn't really find it to be a very pub-like atmosphere. I had the image of a traditional pub (dark wood, subdued lighting, etc.), with better than typical pub food, in my mind before going. But, the Gastropub seemed more like a restaurant than a pub. Also, I would have liked to see some wine options that are not quite so expensive (bottles of red wine start at $38 and increased quickly and steadily from there).

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Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I hope this restaurant met your expectations Psychgrad after 2 previous attempts to get a reservation.