Wednesday, November 17, 2010

President's Choice Holidays 2010

President's Choice has officially kicked off the holiday season. The first thing that came out was the Insider's Report giving Canadians a view into what's new in taste and decor for the holidays. Warning: Do NOT look at this report on an empty stomach; could be very detrimental to your waist line.

The second offering was a prezzie box; number 1 of 3 filled with many gift wrapped items. All the items are meant to be enjoyed complete with tips on how you can entertain smarter - not harder. Aren't we all guilty of the latter. But - there's a twist. There are rules of engagement.

1. Each goodie for week one and during week three corresponds to a date; week 2 is a free-for-all for both eyes and tastebuds. The first gift to be appreciated is a fresh wreath. Lovely, no?

2. The gifts must be opened on the date noted on the wrapping paper. Early opening is a direct fax to Santa putting you on the bad list. Doesn't that just drive you nuts?

3. Two more packages will arrive on November 24 and December 1.

4. A USB key was included with week #1 that fully explains what you're receiving and when.

Tonight is the Insider's tasting event in Toronto and I'm charging my camera as I type. The event promises to be a tasting extravaganza. I'm stoked and will take you on the journey with me.



Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Isn't it hard not to rip open the wrapping paper and have a peak:D Enjoy the event Giz and tell us all about it!!

Denise Michaels - Adventurous Foodie said...

Just having a couple items like this in your mind when planning holiday menus certainly is a great way to take the holiday stress off.

I love doing homemade things. I made some amazing buttery, eggy brioche bread two weeks ago - tasted great but didn't look so hot. Diced it and put it in the freezer in a ziploc bag and it'll go in my Thanksgiving dressing. So that FEELS homemade. Doing the entire meal really homemade just leaves the cook exhausted.