Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Pride!!!

I've been invited to a Gay Pride party and I'm so excited. Actually, I feel much like Bethany Frankel in The Housewives of NYC going to Pride Island - it's kind of like going to the world's most incredible buffet and you can't have any of it. I can, however, enjoy the energy and the party atmosphere.

I decided to take the theme and bring something with me that would follow the theme. I took our recipe for Sugar Cookies

My friend "S" or photo girl as she likes to be called came over and helped me create and execute a pattern. We took fondant and divided it into 6 portions to represent the six colours of the Rainbow Flag . Each portion was dyed with a neon colour. Maybe I should have picked up some gloves!!! Duh!!! We cut out fondant daisies...

We did a few practise patterns and decided that this one was the most pleasing.
The daisies were fastened to the cookies with buttercream icing.

Now, all that's left is Getting Food Colouring off the Hands



Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

We have a Gay Pride Parade here in the Spring, but I have never known anything about it until it is on the news. Our last mayor banned it altogether, can you imagine, but this is the bible belt.Bt the way tge cookies look colourful and perfect for a party!

Katie said...

These cookies are just delightful! THey make me feel like a kid. I hope you enjoyed your Pride Party!

That Girl said...

Unbelievably cute!

kat said...

Those are so cute!