Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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Marcello's Pizzeria

For some reason Italian food has been my craving for the past couple of weeks. My sister said that Marcello's at 3175 Rutherford Road in Vaughan, ON was recommended by one of the soccer moms so why not, let's give it a try. I'll offer Marcello's the benefit of the doubt since we all have bad days but this experience was probably one of the top 5 worst restaurant experiences I've had in a long while. 

The restaurant is extremely loud. I can forgive loud, it's a family restaurant. We asked to sit out on the terrace thinking it would be more quiet. That was a mistake - one of the patrons thought it was cute to see her kids running and screaming just outside the fencing of the restaurant. All could be forgiven if the meals were sensational but alas, not to be.

The food was heavily salted, luke warm and visually just ok.  One of the orders was incorrect but no offer to correct it.  We eventually called over the manager who was apologetic but couldn't do anything about the screaming kids or the unfortunate meals.  Doubtful we'll go back again.

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Nino D'Aversa

Nino D'Aversa for their wonderful cakes so we decided to try out the newly renovated restaurant/deli and see if it lived up to previous standards.

Sorry to say this one was a disappointment too. The pastries are typical Italian pastries and very delicious but rather small portioned. I had a cup of tea and a pastry and when I asked for a water refill for the tea I was advised I would have to pay for a second cup of tea???? WTF??? Who does that?

In the back of the store there are artisan breads and deli meats. My companion went to get some buns and was told there's a difference if you eat it in the restaurant or take it out. So, $.60/bun if you take out and $1.20 if you eat in. This is also true for anything you buy at the pastry counter. Have you ever run into this before and how would you react. My reaction was insult and thought there are enough delis and pastry shops around that I didn't feel I would want to return. StumbleUpon


That Girl said...

Such disappointment!

Anonymous said...

Too disappointments? That is bad! Have you been to Pizzareia liberto in TO? It is an amazing spot.

lf - ff1 said...

btw - it is called a patio, not a "terrace" - the food at marcello's is always great. you cannot compare a tavola calda (nino's) to a resto (marcellos). I get it other people's kids bug you, that does not make marcello's a dissappointment. I think you had a bad night and equate that to a bad meal.

PG said...

This post wasn't an attempt to compare two restaurants. It contains two separate reviews of recently visited establishments. Glad that you always enjoy Marcello's. Screaming kids or not, it doesn't sound like everyone shares your opinion.