Monday, November 5, 2012

Eggplant, Tomato and Provolone Cheese Quiche

R's is known for threatening to reveal some family "secrets" on the blog.  He's also known for crying wolf.  But...I guess he has been pushed enough.  Without further ado... Here's R:
Just over three years ago, I tried to hold an online intervention to help my mother-in-law, Giz, with her addiction to cooking.  You can read about it here.  She was obsessed with reading/watching/buying/cooking food.  Sadly, the intervention failed miserably.
Recently, she came to visit for a week and it was obvious that she still suffered from her addiction.  When she went shopping for groceries, it reminded me of the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer goes to Price Club: 

Predictably, Giz overbought.  There was so much food to eat up, I felt like the horse that was forced to
eat up Kramer’s beef-a-reeno.

Everytime I opened the fridge, I felt overwhelmed.  It was hard to find something in the fridge without taking out ten other items.  Plus, it was hard to fit everything back in afterwards.  Also, I couldn’t believe Giz bought more tomatoes and cucumbers.  We had a tonne of fresh ones from the garden!
Anyway, after she left, I tried to use what I could, so that we wouldn’t have to jam everything into our compost bin.  Since we had a tonne of tomatoes and a bunch of eggplants, I searched for a recipe with these items and found a great recipe for a quiche.  The recipe didn’t include roasted red peppers, but I added them, since we had a giant jar in the fridge.  The silver lining in this whole ordeal is that I found a great recipe that I plan on making again.  It’s a keeper. 
Ingredients (for a 10in cake tin):

2 ready puff pastry sheets
4 eggplants
12 tomatoes
5, 30 oz caciocavallo cheese (we used provalone)
Oregano to taste
Basil leaves to taste
Salt to taste
Olive oil to taste
Vegetable oil for frying (preferably olive oil)

Wash, dry and cut eggplants into small cubes. Put in a bowl, sprinkle with salt and let rest for 1 hour about. Drain, dry and fry in hot oil stirring occasionally. Add salt and oregano to taste and let cool.Wash and dry tomatoes and basil leaves. Cut tomatoes in half, remove the inner part and cut into small pieces. Cut basil leaves into small pieces and caciocavallo cheese into sticks. Put tomatoes and basil in a bowl, add salt and olive oil to taste and stir.

Spread one roll of puff pastry over the baking tin and spread the eggplants on top of it and press with a back of a spoon. Pout the tomatoes with basil onto the eggplants and press again with a back of a spoon. 

Spread with caciocavallo sticks and place the remaining pastry sheet on top. 

Fold the edge of the pastry and press it. Riddle the surface using a fork.

Bake in the preheated oven at 395°F for 30 minutes about or until golden brown. Let cool and remove from tin. Serve.



That Girl said...

I think R did a fabulous job with this post. Now where are those family secrets?

PG said...

I guess it's no secret here that R thinks my mom is over the top with food. He definitely wasn't raised in a family where most gatherings revolved around food.

giz said...

So you see "R", there's a silver lining in everything. BTW, you're coming to visit this week - could you bring some coolers - I'm running out of space in my 2 fridges and freezers :)

grace said...

this post has everything: a quality seinfeld reference, a tasty dish, and lots of chuckles. nice one, r. :)