Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lemon Curd Trifle

I think the amount of food in our fridge that gets tossed reflects more than just simply being wasteful, it reflects how our life is functioning at the time.  On the well-functioning weeks, I can stick to our meal plan, remain cognizant of what is left to be eaten up and plan for the future to avoid waste.  On the not-so-well-functioning week, I feel overloaded to the point where thinking about what's in the fridge becomes low on the priority list or I feel too tired to care about making dinner using the food in the fridge.

So, using up food, for me, is a win-win because not only does it avoid waste, it means that I've got my sh*t together.  Maybe I should call this recipe "I've got my sh*t together trifle."

After making these cupcakes, I had a bunch of lemon curd left over in the fridge.  I put it in a tupperware container with a plastic wrap right on top of the curd, to prevent it from drying out.  Making curd isn't particularly difficult, but by the time you use up all of those lemons and bring out your thermometer, a fair amount of effort goes into making it.  So, I really didn't want it to go to waste.  

Since the curd has a strong lemon flavour and is quite sweet, I knew I wanted to tone down the impact a bit.  So, I decided to make a trifle with nutriwhip and some leftover lady fingers I had in my pantry.  Just before adding the top layer of nutriwhip, R convinced me to add in the strawberries I had sitting in the fridge.  Good call R!

So delicious!  How can you go wrong with trifle?



Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

It does sound good and to make it even easier a goos store bought lemon curd would be in order:D

Torviewtoronto said...

this trifle looks good delicious dessert
my regards

That Girl said...

Out throw-away food usually means we're not home to eat leftovers!

grace said...

trifles are the very best way to use up leftover curd (and cake and pudding and fruit and whatever else might be lingering in the fridge!).
meanwhile, your next post contains some of the most adorable pictures i've ever seen. your kid is a cutie, for sure. :)

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