Saturday, March 15, 2014

San Diego & Palm Springs

Is this winter over yet?  A couple of days ago, I almost took a picture of the dirty, yellow grass I saw poking out from under a tree (where the snow must have not piled too high over the winter).  Just to celebrate a grass sighting.  Of course, that was before the additional 10cm we got the following day.

My new approach seems to be, if I buy enough stuff for warmer weather, it will warm up.  So far, I've purchased a rain suit and a water table for E.  But then R bought some mittens, so maybe that will set us back a week.

Thankfully, we did have some respite from the winter.  We spent time in San Diego and Palm Springs. Here are some of my favourite pictures from the trip.

Walking down Pacific Beach:

E watching the ducks in Seaport Village.  Throwing sand on the beach -- she would pick up a handful and yell "more!"

 Tall ship and kiss statue

USS Midway -- we did a tour

 Sunset at Pacific Beach

San Diego zoo (had to go back now that E is old enough to notice the animals)

Drawing at the New Children's Museum

Feeding the giraffes at The Living Desert

Butterfly area in the Living Desert (only saw this butterfly)

A palm tree oasis at the start of Murray Canyon

Sitting on a motorcycle at the Palm Springs Children's Museum.  Tree climbing at a nearby park in Palm Springs.



Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

If only the entire province of Ontario had the opportunity to head somewhere warm for even a day it would make the winter that much more bearable.

That Girl said...

1) Did she LOVE the zoo?
2) What did you think of the Palm Springs Children's Museum? We haven't been yet.

PG said...

That Girl -- she DID love the zoo. Mostly she was excited before seeing an animal and then stared with a scrunched up forehead when she was actually at each exhibit. The PS Children's Museum was good -- I think I liked it better than the SD one. Seemed like there was more to do/see there.

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