Tuesday, May 20, 2014

E's Changing World

Time is flying by and, thankfully, that involves the start of warm weather and green grass!  E is learning at warp speed.  Today, she sang the alphabet in its entirety for the first time.  Well...to be clear, she sings it the way I might sing a song in a foreign language (making the sounds I hear, rather than the correct sounds/words).  But, it's close!  

Despite my efforts to avoid the whole princess culture that is marketed to little girls, E is into princesses.  She has two tutus (one pictured, below) that she loves wearing.  I'll admit, I may have enticed her to get dressed once or twice by asking if she wanted to wear her tutu (works every time).  Anyone wearing a dress is considered a princess.  She is also very interested in necklaces.  Not for the baby fascination of something to chew on; it's to look like a princess.

Yesterday, I saw her play hide and seek for the first time.  She must have learned this at daycare.  She counts to 10 (her version of counting to ten is: one, two, three, six, nine, twelve, fourteen) and then she looks around in random places (the door frame, in the bathroom, the tv) to seek.  Giz, who is currently visiting, managed to go unnoticed by standing in the corner with an apron in front of her face.  E's hiding spot is the corner cupboard (every time) and if you are nearby, she'll yell, "I'm in here!"  So, still working on the whole concept.  But, really cute and exciting to see the beginnings of organized play.

Giz asked me the other day if I was writing all of these details down.  I haven't been; hence, this blog post.

Despite all of the current changes for E, the biggest one is yet to come.  Come early fall, she is going to a big sister!  So far, she knows that the baby is in Mama's tummy (though I usually have to ask her several times "where is the baby?" for her to point to my stomach).  Aside from that, the whole pregnancy thing has little meaning for her.  Hopefully, the interest she is currently showing in babies lasts for a while. StumbleUpon


chicago foodie girl said...

Awww, she's so cute! :-)

That Girl said...

Congratulations! I just a feeling from the title this was going to be an announcement! So when are you due? My sister-in-law is August, my close friend is November. I'm assuming you're somewhere in between?

Joan Nova said...

Adorable child and behavior. This post made me smile wide!