Friday, August 5, 2005

British Columbia: Part 1

Everyone talks about how if you go to Vancouver, you'll fall in love. It's a nice place to visit for 4-5 days. The mountains and water make for a beautiful backdrop. But, that's only at certain parts of town. It's growing like crazy and preparations for the Olympics in 2010 are everywhere. If you like travelling to larger cities and exploring, Vancouver is an enjoyable, multicultural location. People are generally friendly and it's mainly safe.

We spent a day cycling around Stanley Park. There are some detours because of the storm , but it is really pretty and a nice way to spend the better part of a day. We spend the remainder of the day at Granville Island. The picture below is fairly typical of the size of tree that was uprooted during the storm.

We spent a separate day walking around downtown. A lot of the remainder of time was spent with my friend and her husband. Click on the image below...the full picture is really pretty (if it works).

I loved this poster. I saw it at Deep Cove, where we went kayaking. An area in Northern Vancouver (I think) where people own million dollar+ houses by the water.

Vancouver is kind of an interesting hear about people living on the street, but the actual image of this is a little bit vague. I don't have a full understanding of how things got to their current level -- homeless people, many of whom appear to be on heavy drugs. It's somewhat isolated to certain areas, but, in some areas they're about a block from a nicer area of town where many tourists frequent. My friend had to turn around at one point and drove down a back alley. Saw some amazing gravity throughout the whole alley.

From Vancouver, we made our way to Victoria...about a 4 hours journey away.


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