Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Reality T.V. Show

When I read the headline of this new reality t.v. show, I just knew I couldn't let this one go by the boards. I usually don't get "crazy" until something really offends my sensibilities. This one just really and truly made me cringe. I just don't "get" what t.v. stations consider good viewing. Isn't there already enough evidence that society needs to have better eating habits? Do we not see enough people in the world without enough food to get through a day without focusing on gluttony? What is the message here? I'd love to see the medical association get all over this one to put pressure on and make sure this show NEVER airs for our children to see.

The title said:


followed by

Takeru Kobayashi winning the world record for eating the most hot dogs

‘Hurl’ looks for the Iron Stomach champion

By Stephanie Zolis


New series not for those with a weak stomach – literally

Not many TV shows try to make viewers sick, but that’s exactly what new game show Hurl! is setting out to do.

The series, which "combines speed-eating with intense physical challenges," will launch this summer on G4.

Expect to see contestants consuming excessive amounts of all-American food –which TV Guide reports may include hot dogs, blueberry pie, fish sticks and chicken pot pie – and trying not to hurl.

Only this series isn’t just about competitive eating and who can down the most wieners. The half-hour episodes will feature contestants who will be subjected to carnival rides, high-dives, mechanical bull-riding and other nauseating activities right after they scarf down their first of two courses.

Whoever makes it through the physical challenges without hurling makes it through to the next round, which is really just more of the same, while viewers “laugh and cringe.”

The contestant who is able to keep his or her food down through all of that wins the Iron Stomach award and a cash prize. Viewers who are able to keep their last meal down – if there are any – get to see what regurgitated hot dogs look like.

I mean....really!!!!

Okay, so I've had my rant and there's still steam coming out of my ears. The first thing I did was go to the kitchen and make something healthy to eat. I wanted a salad, something light, something that would make me feel like I hadn't abused my body.

Although I didn't want to associate the show "Hurl" with healthy eating, I did feel it was important to go to the polar opposite and make a statement. I also remembered that our Scottish lassie Holler at Tinned Tomatoes was sponsoring the May No Croutons Required roundup. If you haven't visited Holler's blog - take the time to check it out. The April challenge was mushrooms and the winning mushroom recipe, which Psychgrad replicated here, looks amazing. This month's challenge is about cheese.


Leaf lettuce red and green
carrot matchsticks
sliced red onion
cherry tomatoes
crumbled feta chees

I intentionally didn't write quantities - best to just bulk it up dependent on how many people you're serving.

Salad dressing

Very simple:

Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar

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Jan said...

Great looking salad!

Anonymous said...

haha! I made a very similar cheese salad for the event-yet to be posted. I just didn't have feta so used goat's cheese instead. ;)

These reality tv shows can get to be way too much at times.


Anonymous said...

What the hell are the networks thinking with this garbage? >:( I can't imagine they'd get many viewers for that. Ick!

And for more pleasant commentary...That salad looks incredible! I'd like extra pepper on mine, please. :)

Laura Paterson said...

Yuck - that is so gross (the tv show!) Definitely a step (leap?) too far in the world of reality tv...

Great, simple salad though - I love feta!

michael, claudia and sierra said...

embarrassing that we as a society find that entertaining...

salad is beautiful though

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

Yeah, thanks for mentioning hurling in the same post as my challenge, huh!

Awful idea for a programme, ugh!

Great salad though! Thanks for entering it :)

Peter M said...

The KISS principle is supreme, indeed.

Feta dresses practically any salad, no bias with me, right? lol

Ben said...

The networks will keep producing this kind of garbage as long as there are people who watch them. It is our own responsibility (not the government's) to educate ourselves and monitor what our children watch. At least that is what I think, but what do I know, I watch TV no more than 2 hours a week :/

That salad looks so good that it makes you forget about TV trash :-p

grace said...

although i secretly enjoy watching competitive eating contests (kobayashi is not from this planet), this is taking it a wee bit too far. masochistic is the word that comes to mind. i hereby vow not to watch...more than one episode. :)

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I can't imagine people being interested in these types of shows but I can imagine loving this salad:D

kellypea said...

I love, love, love salad and we have one nearly every night with our dinner. This one looks really tasty (feta makes me swoon), and I agree that quantities are about personal preferences. What does 8 cups of greens look like, anyhoo? Hahahah. As far as that television show goes. Jeez. What will they think of next. I have seen that woman in Nathan's hot dog eating contests my hunkster seems drawn to on weekends. Go figure.

That Girl said...

My husband ALWAYS makes me watch those hot dog eating contests every year. And by "makes me watch" I mean turns it on so that I'm forced to seek another location of the house to preserve my own sanity.

Elle said...

I can't imagine that the show will last very long. If we don't watch it, it won't last.

That salad looks delicious!

Melissa said...

That's just, ummm.... O_o

I'm so glad to be having salmon and vegetables for dinner tonight.

Heather said...

I dunno, I can eat a lot of chicken pot pie without hurling.

That salad does looks fantastic. Just a little warm wheat pita and it's my ideal summertime meal! (I eat a lot healthier than I blog.)

Anonymous said...

Great looking salad, but, that reality show sounds way too far out.

Lori said...

I pretty much do not watch television, except for maybe about two hours. It's 99.99% garbage. I would so rather be reading blogs such as yours.

javagirlkt's cookin' said...

I'm as disgusted and offended as you are about that tv show. What's wrong with society!!!?!?

Neen said...

Ugh, that makes me so sad. Reality TV shows depress me in general, because they tend to bring out the least laudable aspects of human nature. Gross.

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