Thursday, July 17, 2008

Screw Work, I'm Going to the Market & Caprese Salad

I enjoy travelling, but I always find myself obsessing about what I will cook/bake upon my return throughout the trip. For example, when R and I backpacked around Europe for 3 months in 2003, I had created a list of groceries I wanted to buy upon our return that took up the entire backside of a month long calendar. You know, this kind:

Excessive? Possibly.

Even with only being gone for about three weeks, I was still jonesing to fill my fridge and cupboards. Really, I can only blame Giz for this (yes mom, another thing to blame you for). I'm always shocked at how empty people's fridges are...until I realize that their fridges are probably more around average and my fridge is more on the packed side. But, the apple doesn't fall from the tree on this one - Giz's fridge is just as bad, if not worse.

Giz's comment: You forgot about the fridge in the basement. Hey, I bought you that book "Breaking your Genetic Code"...clearly you didn't read it. I don't feel in the least bit guilty about your inability to restrain yourself while shopping for food.

After today's trip to the market, I think I've sufficiently appeased the obsession for a day or so. Yes, I know it's a work day - but the boss is out of town and I've got priorities: cooking!

Here are today's acquisitions:

Most importantly, for today's post, is that I picked up some sweet, juicy tomatoes and bocchini cheese. Ever since I saw some of the Caprese salad posts earlier in the summer, I had a hankering for trying it out myself.

Since basil is my favourite herb and I've never made Caprese salad, I thought this would be an appropriate submission for this month's No Croutons Required:

This month's theme is showcasing your favourite herb in a soup or salad.

I alternated the tomato, cheese and basil and then blended up a pseudo-pesto of garlic, basil, olive oil, and pepper to drizzle over top. Simple, but so good.

Is it kind of sad that the sweetness of the tomatoes almost brought me to tears? Partly because it tastes so good and partly because in season fruit is fleeting. I started missing the tomatoes as soon as I swallowed them.

I must make another one of these salad before the end of tomato season. StumbleUpon


PG said...

Sorry Ohio Mom - your comment was lost because I accidentally published a post before it was ready and you commented on it.

Here's Ohio Mom's Comment:

"Breaking your Genetic Code"

LOL .. I love you all's blog, it always puts a smile on my face.

The only code I was able to break was "gravy", growing up everything was drowned in gravy, can't stand it, don't eat it, reluctantly make it occasionally for the food critic.

glamah16 said...

I thought I was the only obsessive making klists like that at work and on vacation. Hahahaha.

Peter M said...

When tomatoes are good, little can beat a Caprese Salad (well maybe the Greek salad).

As for the food planning & calendar...a wee bit ADD'ish. ;)

Bunny said...

i know what you mean about the tomatoes! they are lovely in the summer when they're in season. when we were kids we use to eat them from our hands like an apple. i will miss them too. your salad looks amazing, i want some tomatoes now!!

Melissa said...

I adore caprese. And I also just tried it for the first time this summer.

You may also want to try this:

I made it for three weeks after she posted that. Great workday lunches. :D

PG said...

glamah - definitely not alone on that.

Peter - true - I should do a Greek salad with the sweet tomatoes too. ADD? Maybe OCD.

Bunny - I want some tomatoes now too.

Melissa - thanks for the link - definitely have to try that one too.

Chef Jeena said...

I love caprese salad yours looks fabulous.

Elly said...

I am a huge fan of the caprese, myself. This looks delicious. Nothing like great, quality produce. You don't need much to make something fantastic!

Anonymous said...

You have my attention on this one...looks delicious!

Jersey Girl Cooks said...

Beautiful looking salad!

Paula said...

Your Caprese salad looks terrific, and I like your pseudo pesto, too!

Ivy said...

This is a salad I have never tried, so I look forward to trying it. The other day I made a pseudo pesto and was debating if I should call it a pesto or a dressing but now I know what to call it.

grace said...

it's hard to believe something so simple can be so delicious, but it is. i've already decided that my new mantra will be tomato, cheese, basil. tomato, cheese, basil. tomato, cheese, basil.

Cakespy said...

Oh, a fellow list-er!!! :-) I am right there too. But sheesh, that salad. gorgeous. Tomatoes are just so perfect this time of year!

Mr. Nissan said...

MMMMMMM That looks good

test it comm said...

Such a simple and yet really good salad!

krysta said...

caprese salad is my holy trinity. there is nothing better on this planet.

Teresa said...

I love Caprese and yours looks awesome. Love the pseudo-pesto idea!

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