Sunday, August 31, 2008


Some of you may have heard of the Listeria outbreak in Canada. At this point, 11 people have died while testing positive for Listeria.

On television, there are regular commercials from Maple Leaf, the company held responsible for the outbreak.

I think this commercial is going to end up in a business school class for analysis. How effectively did the president of Maple Leaf address the issue? Here are some more details – we still don’t know the full extent of this virus. Listeria can remain dormant for as many as 3 months. We also don’t know whether other products pose a risk. It was only last month that we were fearing tomatoes and salsa, to discover that the cause of the problem was jalapenos.

So maybe other products could transmit Listeria. There were four more products recalled today. Or, maybe we’ve already been exposed. Not to get panicky.

I’m curious whether the commercial is effective.

Personally, I think that the commercial is a minimum gesture, for now. But will not suffice if things worsen or if future assurance of the quality of our food lessens. But the speech itself seems to address many important aspects of communicating a message during a time of stress. They took ownership of the problem, described a swift reaction to address the problem and addressed an intention to improve in the future.

Frankly, I’m not sure if it’s enough to salvage their market value or consumers’ confidence.

I’m not sure how this recall will affect the meat industry, in general. But, I'm still taking advantage of bbq season. Don't worry, it's not Maple Leaf.

This recipe is largely my own, but I must acknowledge both R and Peter for the impetus to do it. Peter’s submission to our first Tried, Tested and True event was ribs. At some point, I had marked another rib recipe of his. So, his posts definitely gave me some direction. R also contributed by making a formal request for ribs and seeing to it that we purchase some.

Actually, props to R – he always goes grocery shopping with me. Sometimes he goes without me and does a good job of getting items off of our list. Here’s a question for you – when you go grocery shopping, does anyone go with you?


Combine the following ingredients for a rub:

black pepper, dried oregano, garlic powder, onion powder, hot paprika, garlic powder, thyme


I really suggest that you play around with your rub. We like spicy foods, but you could use a sweet paprika to tone down the heat.

Before adding the rub, peel the white layer of skin/membrane off the back of the ribs. I cut up the ribs in three at this point, just to separate it for ease of eating. Spread the rub and let it sit in the fridge for 3 hours.


Before cooking, I put some cut up lemons on top of the ribs to maintain the moistness during cooking. This is one of Giz’s tips. Props to her too because she fields about 6 calls a week for cooking/baking instructions.


I cooked my ribs in the oven at 400F for 1 hour. My oven is fast, so you may want to use more time. From here, I took the lemons off of the ribs and put them on the bbq. I left the ribs on the bbq for about 15 minutes before starting to baste. I’m personally a proponent of multiple layers of bbq sauce. I used a basic president’s choice sauce, but I’d like to play around with sauces in the future. One skill at a time.


Verdict: The ribs were delicious. We ate them with fresh corn on the cob. Very satisfying supper.

We've been really bad with our monthly events, Recipes to Rival and Daring Bakers. Between Giz's move, preparing for this bar mitzvah and my own workload, it just wasn't realistic this month. We'll try to do better next month.

But, we do have a lot to show for our catering experience. Let's just say there was way too much food. We'll post the pictures soon. StumbleUpon


Cakebrain said...

Good looking ribs! They look delicious! Yah, I've written off all cold cuts for a while at least...what a shame. It just goes to show how people really are safer eating fresh food, I suppose. I'm better off without all those nitrates, right?

Anonymous said...

I always shop alone otherwise I forget everything!

These ribs look delicious!

Rosie said...

Great lookig ribs, they really look scrummy!!

Rosie x

Ivy said...

It's frightening to hear all these things about listeria.
these ribs looks delicious.

Laura Paterson said...

I almost always shop alone - people can't stand to be around me as I weigh up the advantages of one piece of veg from the next ;)

Your ribs look tasty!

OhioMom said...

Your ribs look wonderful, I always use a rub and let sit overnight in the fridge. We skipped the whole rib/bbq deal this year, but I swear I can just about taste yours :)

The food critic (DH) and I shop together...this way we both get a say in what we eat.

kat said...

We have been addicted to making ribs this year, especially since we keep finding them on sale. Those look wonderful.
As for shopping Matt goes with my on the big trip every weekend. I enjoy having him along but he's like to go down every aisle & look at things & I like to jut fill the list.

Pam said...

The ribs look amazing. I usually shop with my two kids (3 and 5). It can be quite the adventure sometimes.

That Girl said...

I go by myself. I find if I bring Thatboy with me, we end up with some much junkfood it costs another appendage with grocery costs.

I like the addition of the lemon to the ribs, I make mine in much the same way, but I've never added the lemon. Next time for sure.

Lori Lynn said...

Nice ribs girl! And perfect with fresh corn. Now I know these were NOT part of the Bar Mitzvah fare (haha) which, by the way, I still can't wait to see!

Sorry to hear about the Listeria outbreak, this is the first I heard of it.

Bunny said...

First your ribs look wonderful!! second, what a tragedy that lives have been lost with this recall. It just makes you so leary of everything now. I shop with my husband but would rather go alone! LOL!!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I found it interesting to read this about the bacteria.The elderly and those with a lowered immune function are highest at risk. So sad to lose any life.

I have yet to try Peter's ribs but they are on my list:D

Melissa said...

I ate ribs similar to this (except I have no grill) twice this summer. We would have had them more, but I don't think our waistlines could handle it. They do look ever so good though... I may have to make them again.

And I go shopping by myself. Steve hates it, but that's fine with me because it's alone time I really enjoy.

And I did hear about the listeria thing. I hope it gets resolved soon. :(

La Bella Cooks said...

Nothing better than delicious, mouthwatering ribs. They look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Your ribs look delicious! That rub sounds perfect. And I prefer to shop alone...when others go with me I get distracted (Maaaaa! Can we get this?!) and forget half of the stuff on my list (the paper one, not the mental one. lol) And OMG that is scary about the recalls!

grace said...

i'm definitely a solo shopper--it makes it easier to focus on the task at hand. :)
i hadn't heard about the listeria outbreak--that's pretty upsetting. i guess we all need to be more cautious.
and of course, fabulous ribs, and interesting use of those lemons--that one's new to me.

Darius T. Williams said...

Ribs are looking great! And um, when I go grocery shopping - no one wants to go with - they say I take waaay to long. I mean how else am I gonna know what's on sale and the instore specials if I don't browse all the aisles?


Anonymous said...

Yumm! I love bbq, ribs, anything you can eat with your hands & this has it all.

To answer your question: I usually shop with one or both kids with me so I never get everything on my list IF I remembered my list (usually takes 15+ minutes to herd the monkeys out the door & by then I have misplaced my list and keys twice). I did have the most wonderful experience of solitude last week at the supermarket & the butcher gave me a great deal on leg of lamb. I know he never would have done this if my kids were with me.

Sorry to hear that you skipped the eclairs. It sounds like you had a busy week & you made a smart choice. I was like a maniac in the kitchen trying to whip them together at the last minute.

xoxox Amy

Adam said...

Thank a bunch for the lemon tip, that looks like a great idea :)

I actually do alot of my shopping by myself, my roomates are I all eat very different things. Sometimes I wish I had someone to tell me to put down the things I don't really need.

Deborah said...

I'm so glad I don't live in Canada right now - being pregnant, listeria is a huge concern. I hope it doesn't make it's way down into the US!

I like to shop alone. If my husband comes with me, we usually end up with twice as much, and most of what he puts in the basket is junk food!

These ribs look amazing. Make me crave a big hunk of meat!

Elle said...

I hadn't heard of the recall--how awful! Glad you're staying safe.

The ribs are gorgeous! I could dig right in. I usually shop with the kids--and it's crazy!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the disease lesson! who knew? those ribs look so good. great idea w/ the lemon.

as for shopping, here in NYC we walk to the grocery store so big shops usually don't happen often. new yorkers usually just go to the grocery store for what they need for dinner that night. every month i may do a big shop and bring my husband for perspective and another set of arms. usually though it's just me.

Peter M said...

Ribs R lookin' good! I think ribs are one of those dishes where one can endlessly tinker with...thanks as always for the mention.

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