Sunday, November 30, 2008


Gloria Chadwick of Cookbook Cuisine actually made me speechless with this award.

Gloria awarded Ivy of Kopiaste Val of More Than Burnt Toast and Equal Opportunity Kitchen with this distinguished award that came with the following rules:

1. The rules of this award are not to be taken lightly--which means you can't give it to someone just because they did something really sweet for you.
2. This award is to be given to bloggers that have shown they are angels by doing something humanitarian and heavenly to help others.
3. You don't have to receive the award in order to give it. Feel free to copy it and bestow it on someone who is worthy of it. If you think they're an angel, they probably are.
4. The award must be linked to a post about an organization or good cause you would like more people to be aware of.
5. The rules for this award are to be shown when giving the award.

As Ivy, Val and I embark on this journey of encouraging other bloggers to help us as we do whatever we can to not only build awareness to world famine, affecting approximately 900M worldwide (shocking isn't it) but also to encourage you to purchase the products we currently have for sale and join in with several of the upcoming surprises we have in store. On behalf of BloggerAid and the coalition of international food bloggers, it is our mission to be able to hand over a substantial cheque to the World Food Programme and know that each of us is doing the very best we can to help others.

In accordance with the rules, I would like to share this award with someone who has put an incredible amount of effort online in gaining support for a charity that has and continues to touch her life. I would gladly share this award with Barbara Harris of Winos and Foodies for her work with LIVESTRONG: The Lance Armstrong Foundation .

Barbara has long been an inspiration for me. When I say long, I mean only as long as I've known her and that really isn't much longer than a few months. Even through her own challenges, Barb knew I'm planning a trip to Australia and offered me a room in her home. How many people would do that? Recently, on her blog, Barbara relayed a wish list through a friend. I never stopped thinking about Barbara's wish list and since it's already been on her blog, I think sharing it with you will help you see why she's absolutely so deserving of this Angel award.

"I wish I could tell you I'm free of cancer.
I wish I wasn't starting more chemo tomorrow.
I wish I wasn't afraid of the side effects.
I wish I didn't have to see the fear in my children's eyes.
I wish I didn't have to hear my son say 'I feel so helpless'.
I wish Bryan didn't have to cook dinner 'cos I know he doesn't enjoy cooking.
I wish I had an appetite.
I wish I didn't have to cancel lunch in Sydney with Fatemeh.
I wish I'd been able to swim in the ocean with my sister last week when she visited.
I wish I didn't know words like Folfox and Avastin.
I wish I didn't know my CEA.
I wish I didn't have blood tests every week.
I wish I didn't have to press the button in the elevator marked Oncology.
I wish I could beat the cancer.
I wish I didn't think about my children's future which may not include me.
I wish Bryan and I will grow very old together.
I wish the will to live was enough to overcome my genetics.
I wish I will have the energy to continue blogging.
I wish you will understand when I am too sick to reply to your comments and emails.
I wish you will understand when I visit your blog and don't leave a comment.
I wish one day I could tell you I'm free of cancer."

Thank you Gloria for your recognition of the work we're doing with BloggerAid. For those who have heard a bit of the buzz and those who are visiting for the first time, please join us at The BoggerAid Forum where we can exchange ideas and information about making our world a more humane place.

Our first event and fundraiser are now in full swing. Please check here for more information and how you can help.

For those ordering angel keychains, cell phone charms and bookmarks, the date for guaranteed arrival overseas from Canada to most countries is shipping before December 8th and to the U.S. before December 15th. StumbleUpon


Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Barbara is such a worthy recipient of this award Giz. Excellent choice for this humanitarian award!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Giz, and looks like you chose an equally deserving recipient as well! :)

Ivy said...

There are tears in my eyes reading everything about Barbara, although I do not know her personally. Excellent choice Giz and let's all send her our positive energy and hope that her wishes are fulfilled.

Bunny said...

I couldn't read the whole list without crying Giz. She deserves this award and so do you,Val and Ivy and much , much more.

OhioMom said...

Another cryer here, who lost two siblings to this awful disease.

Hugs to you Giz and all those Angels out there.

glamah16 said...

Congrats you guys. You are doing a great thing for others.

Gloria Chadwick said...


I'm one of the cryers, too. Barbara sounds like an angel and my prayer for her is radiant health.

Cakelaw said...

gratulations Giz - this is a well deserved award.

Anonymous said...

They chose the right person for this award! Thanks for such a touching read....I'm so very moved ...

Anonymous said...

When I read this on barbara's blog I was devastated, i feel for nice to pass it to her.

Barbara said...

Giz I am so honoured to receive this award from you. Thank you. YOU are an angel for all you do and I'm touched you think I'm worthy. If I can encourage just one person to talk to their doctor about having the right cancer detection tests at the appropriate time then my life has meaning. Thank you from the bottam of my heart for the award and your beautiful comments and for all the support from your readers.

Núria said...

You deserve it so!!!! Congrats Giz... the three of you are doing a great job :D

I couldn't read more than 7 of Barbara's sentences... I wish there wasn't pain in the world!

Rosie said...

Congrats on your award and a worthy deserving recipient in Barbara.

Rosie x

Lori Lynn said...

Very powerful, Giz.
And to Barbara, Godspeed.

Joie de vivre said...

Congratulations. You are using your voice to better the world.

Anonymous said...


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