Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Reports

Oh oh...I've been slacking on blogging again. Giz to the rescue! Thanks Giz.

The past couple of weekend have been pretty packed with activity.

Last weekend, we went on our semi-annual cross-country ski trip. Now a five year tradition, we always have a great time skiing out to a cabin with friends. The first step is going to a local Italian corner store that sells amazing sandwiches made fresh. For only $4, you can't go wrong! Haha...Can you tell I'm my mother's daughter? Step 1 - get food.

Oh oh...Walk away from the sweets.

Ok - temptation averted.

Finally, after spending the morning packing our stuff, getting our sandwiches and driving out the point where we park our car and begin our ski...we discovered that we had forgotten the ski boots at home. GRRR! It's like getting to your campsite only to discover that you forgot your tent. It just doesn't work.

After returning home and then back to the parking location, we headed out on our trek to the yurt (winter tent).

At night, the weather hovered around -26 Celcius. Enough to freeze our water as we skied in (don't worry - the wine didn't freeze). Thankfully, we were well-equipped with wood for the wood oven. It warmed up on Sunday to -16 Celcius.

You get a sense that you're by a lake, but the experience is entirely different in the winter and summer.

We spent the night eating, drinking, chatting, playing games, and sleeping. I brought my trusty pasta salad and Reeses Squares (a big hit).

This past weekend has been busy as well. Some highlights include trying out a new deli that serves an amazing smoked meat sandwich.

Yes, if you're wondering...that is TWO pickles instead of coleslaw. I love pickles, but coleslaw...not so much.

After lunch, we hurried back home so that I could finish a project I have been working on for the past month or so. Since the arrival of my friend's baby boy, I have been working on a baby sweater and touque. We had plans to meet up with these friends for dinner, so I was determined to finish up the sweater in time for dinner.

I made the size for 3-6 months. But knowing that I knit tightly (despite the gauge being ok), I was panicking that the result wouldn't fit.

Success! It fits. Well, at least for a week. Ugh. It's a learning experience. I've already got another baby sweater started (for other friends that just gave birth to a baby boy) and I think I'm just going to make it for 12-24 months so that the baby will get some wear out of it.



Barbara said...

Oh such a little cutie.

Here's an award for Giz.

Ivy said...

My wish is that the next one you knit will be for Giz's grandchild!!!! I don't believe that you have time for knitting. I haven't knitted since my children were very young and I have forgotten all the fancy designs I knew. Your skiing trip sounded like fun but I don't know if I could survive such temperatures grrrrrrrr (shivering.

PG said...

Ivy - has she recruited you too?!?

kat said...

Oh my is that little outfit cute, he looks so handsome in it

Rosie said...

Oh what a little cutie pie love that outfit!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

We used to do a lot of cross country skiing over the years. I still have my skiis and boots so I don't know what's stopping me. Love the little sweater and the adorable model too:D

Dewi said...

Oh I wish I can knit, the little one is so cute and look so adorable with that sweater.

That Girl said...

My mom always had the same problem with sweaters - by the time she finished, they didn't fit. Now she sticks with hats and socks for babies.

Anonymous said...

Whoa I commend you on your free spirit in yurting...very cool.

And that baby with the sweater oh my gawh....I could just squeeze him.

Bunny said...

i love this whole post! Where do I begin...I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend in the tent out in the freezing cold, you'd have to duck tape me up and throw me into the vehicle to spend a night in the freezing wild! The sweater is gorgeous and the baby is adorable! You have certainly been busy!

Hopie said...

Nice job with the sweater and hat, so cute! The trip sounds like a lot of fun :-)

Lori said...

How cute is that! Very beautiful and I love the colors.

Lori Lynn said...

Oh gosh how fun to read about your adventure. Bummer about the boots! And the baby in his sweater, priceless expression.

Katie Zeller said...

Been doing a quick catch-up (long time, limited internet...)
Congrats on the impending nuptials; I'll check my brain to see if I have a recipe to toss into the hat.
For the record - I eloped... Twice.
Looks like a fun winter-camping week-end... but it would be more fun if we haven't been living like that for the last 4 months. A weekend of it would be just right!

Bella Baita Marla said...

Wonderful post and such a variety of topics and photos, bringing it all to life. I used to go on annual hut trips with my girlfriends back in my Colorado days. This brought back many pleasant memories.

Jeanne said...

"it warmed up to -16C". There is just sooooo much wrong with that statement!! Glad you have a good time though ;-)

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