Friday, January 22, 2010

BzzAgent Giz on DanActive

Have you heard or are familiar with the term "probiotics". When I ask people what they think probiotics are the usual answer is "I'm not entirely sure but I know it's good for you". Ok, so at least part of the message gets through.

Research shows that we need to have “friendly” bacteria in our bodies to remain healthy. One such type of beneficial bacteria is probiotic bacteria. Probiotic bacteria inhibits the growth of disease-causing bacteria, particularly those responsible for gastrointestinal infections and bowel disease. These live bacteria also help in strengthening the immune system. Nearly 70% of your natural defnses are located in your intestines

Although not an end all and be all we're all well advised to at least research the benefits of probiotics and if they will work for us. That's why, when contacted by BzzAgent to do a report on Danone DanActive Drink, it fed right into my interest in learning more about probiotics and how they work with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. I did receive a coupon to try the product with several more to give away for others to try.

According to the literature from Danone, DanActive contains 10 billion L. case/Defensis friendly bacteria in each bottle, a culture created and used exclusively by Danone which helps maintain your natural defenses. I'm not entirely sure what that means and/or how to measure that in terms of effectiveness.

Danone Group is an international company and you'll see their products on your grocery store shelves in most countries using the same name. The product comes in 4, 8 and 12 pack 99 ml containers.

I did two things - firstly I drank one bottle straight up. It reminded me of liquid yogurt with a bit of a tang to the taste. What I liked about the bottle is that it's small enough to fit into my purse and if I'm out having an active day it's an easy tag along. Then I decided to use it with my morning smoothie. My fruit combination was banana, strawberry, blueberry (same flavour as the DanActive drink) and papaya.

Then blend it with the immersion blender

and voila - a delightful breakfast smoothie

The 4 pack sells in the stores in a range from $2.88 - $3.99 and comes in a variety of flavours. Have you tried it? StumbleUpon


G in Berlin said...

This is pretty much the only drinking yogurt I can get in Berlin so my kids drink it every day. For me, I think it's terribly sweet- I like my Greek yogurt straight up. I also think any yogurt with natural bacteria is basically good enough.

noble pig said...

Ummm, yeah...looks yummy!

Caroline@LowCarb said...

Your pictures alone make me want to read and eat everything you post! Great blog- thanks for sharing!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I haven't tried it yet. As you mentioned it would be a real boost if we were out running errand, etc. Love the shots with immersion blender.

Hopie said...

I haven't tried that product but I'm with you on probiotics and it looks like a good way to get some. Your smoothie sounds delicious!

kat said...

We've taken probiotic pills especially before going to India but have gotten out of the habit.

Recipe Calories said...

I think probiotics are wonderful! Have you tried the new Friendship probiotic cottage cheese? Delicious!

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