Friday, December 16, 2011

President's Choice Holidays and Tips 2011

Here we are on the biggest shopping weekend before the holidays and you're probably thinking that you don't need any reminders; that you're already stressed to the max and still have a gazillion things left to do.

In addition to some last minute things you may need, did you know that President's Choice also has a wealth of tips and how to videos to help you get through the season. Are you making a turkey for the first time or haven't had total success with ones you've made in the past? Spend a couple of minutes with Chef Tom PC - Videos who will help you perfect your turkey skills.

I have family coming to celebrate this weekend and one of the plates I'll serve is a cheese platter. I always feel a little challenged in deciding what goes with what and how to create a beautiful looking platter. Want some tips? How to create a great cheese platter or plate - PC -helps take the uncertainty out of preparation.

The focus on great desserts is one that everyone looks forward to. Personally, I've been making some of my own regular desserts but I'm also picking up a few others that will make my life so much easier.

One of our group loves molten lava cakes. I made them last year - a total and dismal failure. I'm not letting that happen again.

The kids will be so happy. Between the ice cream and whoopie pies, it'll be a memorable time for them too. I'll be in the running for "cool aunt" award. I'll give them their grape juice in wine glasses too.

After each group gathering there's always the one dreaded event none of us is excited about; the dreaded clean up. Of course you know that PC is going to have some tips about this too. Check out the Clever ideas for your post-holiday clean up - PC -

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That Girl said...

In my opinion there's no such thing as a bad cheese platter.