Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Norma's for Brunch

I was invited to brunch with attitude. I just wasn't sure if it was my attitude, my invitor's attitude or the restaurant's attitude. It also didn't really matter how many times I asked, I was told "you'll see". Okay, it's a surprise. Sometimes it's just easier to go along than to ask too many questions. I trusted my companions and boy oh boy was I in for the experience of a lifetime. We arrived at the Parker Meridien Palm Springs and were ushered to Norma's Restaurant.

Have you heard of it? I'd heard of the one in New York but had never visited and had no concept of what awaited. My companions wanted me to have a life long memory. Nestled in what feels like a forest, the soft latin music and bustling wait staff just make you smile. The energy is completely positive and you feel a sense of fun around you. Our waiter was engaging, helpful and efficient and started our experience off with a shotglass sample of the smoothy of the day Coffee was served in a French press. The menu is diversified and interesting with catchy names such as "Wa-Za" for a waffle that has fruit inside and out and looks so interesting you're just not sure whether or not you should eat it or save it as a piece of art.

Mango-Papaya Brown Cinnamon Crepes

Normalita's Huevos Rancheros

Fish Tacos

We're getting ready to go home from our vacation. We're all ready. It's been a great couple of months but reality becons and soon enough we'll have more great things.



FOODalogue said...

Food and setting look great. Lucky you! Safe return to Toronto.

Anonymous said...

Norma's is our favorite place for brunch in Palm Springs. I just made a reservation for there earlier tonight.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

This does look like a place where memories are made Giz!Sad to hear your holiday is over...at least the weather in TO is beckoning you back.

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