Sunday, August 7, 2005

British Columbia: Part 3

After three days in Victoria, we took a ferry to Salt Spring Island. Salt Spring is known as being an island full of hippies who live as artists.

We arrived there around mid-day and made the long, winding drive up to our B & B. I was looking forward to this time, because it would be the first real experience of vacation and relaxation....although R isn't great at the latter part. The views were amazing. Most B& B's on the island have hot tubs on the deck and this one was no exception. The breakfasts were great. Unfortunately, the bed was way too hard. I tend to like a softer bed. People that like hard beds are crazy.

The following day we grabbed our map for the Salt Spring Studio Tour and visited about 5-6 places. I would have continued going to studios for another 2 hours, but R was very patient for the first 6 locations. There are something like 40 places to tour and these are only a portion of the locations. We passed many places that weren't part of the studio tour. Like the rest of BC, Salt Spring has the reputation of being a place where people come to visit and then stay. This certainly seems to be true of many British artists. I was surprised at how many Brits had made Salt Spring home. Personally, after 3 days of the island, I was ready to move on.

Some of the highlights were:
- a lavender farm tour.

Lavender fields must be like a major jackpot for bees because they're swarming with them. I know bees can really stress some people out, but lavender seems to intoxicate them to the point of becoming completely docile.

- We also went to a goat/sheep cheese farm and bought some cheese.

- Stopped at a few wineries. Bought three bottles...only one made it home with us.

Later that day we went to a beach (full of rock and tree trunks). I'm not a big fan of going to beaches while on vacation. Being quite fair, I generally have to be paranoid about sunscreen and I start to feel really lethargic after sitting in the sun. But the weather and view were beautiful.

Salt Spring is known for its market on Saturday.

People generally go down for the weekend to take advantage of the market. But the hippies that used to be about living simply, sharing art and perhaps drugs now add making a good living to the mix. I don't blame them. But the only thing I bought at the market was a $5 jar of jam.

Mind you, there appeared to be some hippies that weren't loaded too...probably more neo-hippies/drifters.

I debated whether I should post this picture. It certainly wasn't taken with the consent of these guys. But, I think they probably wouldn't mind having someone be intrigued with their life.

Later that day, R went on a hike and got lost in the woods. He was marking his path with inukshuks that were along the road and lost his way. But he did get this nice shot on his trek.

The next morning, we caught an early ferry back to the mainland. There's something nice about being on empty streets in the early morning.

The ferry trip back to the mainland was the best of the bunch.

I'll include a few more ferry pictures and the next stage of our trip in my next post... StumbleUpon

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