Monday, February 4, 2008

Sunday Brunch

The sign of a good Sunday brunch spot is the lineup you see outside the door of this well known Toronto haunt on Front Street called the Hot House Cafe. No reservation - no problem - just be prepared to wait for 40 minutes in a very crowded foyer with 100 of your newly found friends. Even the waiting is fine since a) the brunch is so worth it, b) you get to listen to some pretty decent live jazz and c) people are so friendly in anticipation of what's waiting once they get their seat.

Your first station (full table) is filled with breads, croissants, sticky buns, scones (I had the blueberry and it was the best I've ever eaten)and really fresh fruit. I thought - ok - I'll be smart about all this - I'll just take my time - it's a buffet after all and take really small amounts so I can sample many things. Of course that didn't work. It very quickly became a state of glorious chaos where I just wanted everything.

After an omlette at the made to order omlette station we thought we were so clever. We got there at about 11 a.m. - still breakfast time right? So just have an omlette - sit for a while and then it's already lunch time so just have lunch.

Let's not forget the best moment of any buffet - the DESSERTS!!! I quickly made friends with the server who told me he had something rather "special" that he was sure I would like. What? I asked. He took a plate - went to the back and brought me this absolutely "to die for" piece of Bailey's mousse and cheesecake". I can't even put into words the decadence of this delightful cake. If you're a Torontonian or ever planning to visit - this one is a "don't you dare miss it" cake to try.

And, after you've glutonized (is that even a word?), take advantage of the local photo ops in the area. There are some pretty interesting sites and stores to browse through (and work off the excess baggage from brunch).

What an entirely great way to spend a day! StumbleUpon


Anonymous said...

I'll definitely check that out if I'm ever in the area. Love the pictures too. I discovered your site from a comment you left on my blog - Cooking is the Greatest!

giz said...

Thanks for stopping by.

Peter M said...

Hiya. this is the second time I've heard someone rave about the Hot House's brunch...noted to try out.

Also, thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...



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