Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Omelet for Nuria

Nuria of Spanish Recipes is always the best sport when it comes to entering everybody's events. Can you believe this is her first time hosting? I'm definitely looking forward to the varieties of omelets and fritattas in the roundup. If you've never visited Nuria's blog, it's a must - she combines both great food with a sense of humour second to none.

Here are the rules:

* Post a new recipe in your blog with your omelet or fritata. Tell us the story of that recipe if you want, if there's no story behind, no problem.
* Please take some pictures and include them in the post. Mention the event: BlOg yOur Omelet and include a link to this post. You can also show the logo of the event if you wish (optional).
* Send me an email to: nuriafarregut@gmail.com with: Your post URL, Your blog tittle, your name and a picture of the omelet attached. The subject of the email should be BlOg yOur Omelet. Please send it before the 15th of May.
* The round up will be published the 18th of May.

Although this omelet really doesn't have a big story connected to it, being able to just relax on a Sunday morning with a hearty breakfast, a good cup of coffee and the weekend newspaper is one of those joys to savour in our insane world of never having enough time for anything. The best is that one doesn't even really need a recipe to make an omelet. I generally look in the fridge, see what's still around before a trip to the grocery store and use it up. This week's omelet was just a combination of pancetta, eggs (3), fresh tomatoes, red peppers and cheddar cheese. I added a little hot salsa on the top just to give it some interest. StumbleUpon


kat said...

I always think omelets looks so good but I never ever have them, strange

Dewi said...

Beautiful omelette! I don't eat it very often, but when I do, I like mine with lot's of vegetables in it.

Anonymous said...

Delicious omelette! We haven't had an omelette in a while. I think I will have one for dinner tonight especially since it's just me & my daughter.

Núria said...

Thanks so much for participating Giz!!!! Is it really for me? I'm taking the first plane to your house... it looks so vibrant and colourful... my kind of omelet :D

I wish you good luck in the contest! Thanks again sweetie♥

What's Cookin Chicago said...

this looks awesome and a great way to start the day!

Christo Gonzales said...

I like the idea of an omelete challenge...hmmmmmm

Margot said...

Muy buena esta tortilla a la española.
Y con las fresas deliciosa.

theUngourmet said...

I love omelets! This one looks wonderful! I agree with 5 Star Foodie, they are even great for dinner!

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