Saturday, August 1, 2009


Keeping on the theme of what to feed someone who really doesn't like things too sweet and prefers something dry with her tea.(baba) That means no jams or chocolate cake ... the list goes on. These cookies, called "nothings" live up to their name on two fronts. There's nothing to making them and nothing inside of them. They're an ideal treat for diabetics. There is some sugar (2 Tbsp in the filling and 2 Tbsp on the topping - you can eliminate the sugar for the topping)

Preheat oven to 500 F


3 eggs (room temperature)
2 Tbsp sugar (less)
dash salt
1/2 cup oil

In the food processor: Process first 3 ingredients for 30 seconds
Pour oil through feed tube in a steady stream while processing. Process 1 minute longer.

1 cup flour
Add in heaping tablespoons through feed tube while processing. Process 30-40 seconds longer (machine will probably turn itself off)
Your dough will be pretty sticky.

Line a cookie sheet with foil and sprinkle lightly with flour

Mix together:

1/4 cup sesame seeds
2 Tbsp sugar

Take a scant teaspoon dough and use another spoon to push into sesame seed mixture. Coat dough with seeds and stretch 3" long twist, coat again.(I didn't do a second coating and they were just fine) Place onto cookie sheet (leaving room between them - they spread to approximately 3 times prebaking size)

Reduce oven to 400 F. Put cookie sheet on middle rack for 7 minutes
Reduce heat to 250 F for 10 minutes
Shut off oven and leave for 10-15 min

You'll know they're done when you see fine cracks on the top.



Dewi said...

Wow, these cookies look like Asian sesame cookies that I've been looking for for. I might be able to make this. Thanks for the recipe.

theUngourmet said...

I know I would like these. I don't like things overly sweet either (most of the time) :0).

Adam said...

Nothings? Now way, these are little sesame goodness :) I think having not sweet treats are very important, it lets us explore the other sides of things.

I'm kinda craving coffee or tea now, thanks :)

Lori Lynn said...

Great name.
I'm with Baba on the sweet things, nothing too gooey.
Nice and plain.

That Girl said...

They look like a cross between crackers and cookies.

OhioMom said...

How wonderful that you create a treat that Baba can enjoy :)

kat said...

They look like a crisp little afternoon treat

grace said...

well these are fun! and aptly-named! :)

Susan from Food Blogga said...

I'll have to share this with my mom. My dad is a diabetic with a serious sweet tooth, so it's good to have healthy alternatives like these. Thanks!

Deb in Hawaii said...

They look simple and just perfect with a cup of tea.

Anna said...

I would make these just so when someone asked 'what are you eating?' I could say 'nothing', haha. Call me childish, but.

Very cute!