Sunday, February 28, 2010

One Last Proud Canadian Post Until Regular Foodblogging

I promise an actual food post is forthcoming...Just not today.

The photo, above, is of Sidney Crosby. He scored an overtime goal in today's Canada vs. USA men's hockey game. It was very exciting and nervewracking to watch. I even ended up cleaning out and organizing my kitchen cupboards (during the game) because I was too stressed out watching. The goal by Sidney Crosby currently has 88 Facebook pages in its honour. Yes, the goal itself.

This video was taking at a Centretown corner in Ottawa by Zoom at Knitnut.

Update: Have to add this one of Portage and Main in Winnipeg.

Great job to Vancouver for a successful olympics. Canadians are very proud to beat the record by winning 14 gold medals. It was nice to be able to showcase some of Canada to the world. StumbleUpon


Julia said...

Congrats to Canada! Great win !!!

CDC said...

Congrats to Canada! What a great game! AND a great Olympics:)

Lori said...

So I am not the only one who gets all jervous and nerky about things like that.

Congratulations! A great game! When you win a game with all talented people - you know you have truly won!

rented life said...

Canada did great--which was funny in a way since all the media pre-Olympic coverage was about getting gold medals. But I still wish we had beat you guys in the hockey game, and hopefully our boys will be proud of the good job they did as well. :) More than that--maybe this will make more American's pay attention to hockey.