Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Experiences in Food

Whew!!! After being away for 5 weeks it's good to be home with a computer that actually works and the ability to download my pictures properly. A big thank you to Psychgrad who filled in during my absence. Psychgrad has already covered alot of the location and visuals - I'm looking at all the things I learned.

I saw a taco salad being served in one of the restaurants we stopped in to for lunch and decided that I would make one at home. While grocery shopping I found a handy box of soft tacos with a form to bake them on.

Worked like a charm - crispy, didn't go soggy and a snap to do. Sure, I could have made them from scratch but when company is coming for lunch in 45 minutes and you don't know what to serve, this is a winner. It can be any salad; it just makes it look more interesting.

While at the same grocery store I spotted something I'd never seen before - mini pineapples. They're about 1/4 the size of a regular pineapple and my head went immediately to how they would be a wonderful....number of things.

Canadians don't get to see citrus trees too often and it didn't take me long to feel like I was in a dream.

Not only were the lemon trees a huge big treat to see, the actual lemons are plentiful and HUGE!!!

Psychgrad's note: I hope the residents of Palm Springs didn't notice the lemons missing off of their trees. Apparently, Giz and Bugs Baba were on the loose.

The grapefuit, although you can't tell from the picture are both fine quality and double the size of anything we generally see in our local market.

On a day's excursion we went to see how dates grow. We found this delightful store that had everything dates.

We also got to watch a movie called "The Romance and Sex Life of the Date". No, I'm not kidding. To learn more check out Shields Date Garden. Yes, of course I had to buy the book :).

One of the nicest surprises for me was that Palm Springs is actually beautiful on both cloudy

and sunny days. It's just a different experience.



Peter G | Souvlaki For The Soul said...

Welcome back Giz...I see you've adapted a little of that "Southern Californian" element in your cooking...taco salads are so delicious!

Anonymous said...

LOL - I hope you staye away from the date shake! Thanks for reminding me not to take the citrus for granted.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Has it been 5 how time flies. Glad to see you're back at home and in your won bed. I remember how excited we were to see a Meyer lemon growing in a pot at a winery in Napa Valley:D

kat said...

I have to admit I miss the produce in California. In Northern California we got the most amazingly huge artichokes, as big as your head

Ed Schenk said...

Welcome Back!Sounds like you had a fine time. Great looking Taco salad.

noble pig said...

What a trip and those pineapples are ripe with their lovely yellow!!

Hopie said...

Don't citrus trees seem so amazingly luxurious? Sounds like a great trip. Welcome back!

Lori said...

Bugs Baba- ha ha.

I think there is something in the Old Testament about part of your crop being for passerbys, no?

Katie Zeller said...

All that lovely citrus! I miss Florida... Actually, at the moment I miss anywhere warm. Mini-pineapple? How cute!
Looks like a lovely trip!

grace said...

hi giz! glad you're back, and with a wonderful collection of pictures. my favorite would be that taco salad--i LOVE making my own tortilla bowls--easy peasy and so much fun!