Monday, March 22, 2010

A Quick Post About Knitting

I really don't know how I ended up being attracted to domestic activities. I almost want to find a hobbie to rebel against my domesticity.

domesticity [ˌdəʊmɛˈstɪsɪtɪ]
n pl -ties
1. home life
2. devotion to or familiarity with home life
3. (usually plural) a domestic duty, matter, or condition

Maybe it's time to plan a trip to a place that lacks familiarity with home life.

In the meantime, let me just give in and write about knitting.

Prior to taking a class at Workshop Studio and Boutique a couple of years ago, I was able to knit a basic scarf (not particularly well, mind you). Here are some the more basic patterns I've completed:

Since then, I've also taken on a few challenges (entrelac, colour work, button holes)

Probably the biggest challenge to date was taking on a Victorian lace design for my wedding shawl. It is always astonishing to me when I see people knitting lace shawls quickly and easily (like Wendy Knits). The shawl I knitted nearly killed me -- seriously, I was up until 4am finishing it the night of my wedding).

My most recent project was much less intense. This time, I learned my lesson -- when making baby clothes, make something that will fit the baby in a year. This time, I learned how to make pockets and pick up stitches for the collar.

It fits! With room to grow.

Update: No - this is not my baby. It's R's cousin's baby. StumbleUpon


FOODalogue said...

Very nice work! And who is that sweet little baby? I didn't miss an announcement, did I?

giz said...

Trust me Joan - if there would have been an announcement you would have heard me screaming all the way to Florida :)

Núria said...

Wow Giz, I love your creations! My mom is a knitting maniac and she is the kind that does it with her eyes closed... she's been practicing for years! Her specialty: baby clothes.

I would love to learn sometime so that I can do the same for my grandsons and granddaughters :D

Julia said...

This is impressive! I've been trying to learn to knit -- so far I have a practice "scarf" with a bevy of knits and purls.

kat said...

Great work! It always feels so good to learn new skills with each project.

Ed Schenk said...

Just a quick note to let you know I am passing on the Sunshine Blog award to you. For more information please visit Detroit Eats.