Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gardening Update

I'm working on my spider phobia. Gardening is a great exposure technique. I'm now at the point that I can be near a spider and touch the area around a spider if I have gardening gloves on. I still need to work on not freaking out and flailing around like a maniac when a spider pops into my peripheral vision.

Let me update you on my gardening efforts. You can read my first post about gardening here.

As you may recall, here is what my garden looked like:

With the help of my dad and stepmom, we spent the long weekend digging up grass, spreading out 3 yards of soil, building up a garden, creating fencing, etc...

We have a lot of rabbits and squirrels in the neighbourhood, so fencing of some sort was a must. It was just a bit tricky setting up the fencing beside the hedge. R finally decided to go into the hedge (hence the red blur inside the hedge in the photo below).

To avoid flipping out in front of my parents, R took some alone time after his hedge adventures.

Here's the product (so far)!

We also planted some vegetables and herbs in planters. This first planter contains Greek oregano, basil and curled parsley.

These planters contain plum and baby tomatoes

The weekend after, we bought a couple of heirloom tomato plants from the Kanata Horticultural Society. Apparently there are still some plants left if anyone is interested. We got one indeterminate and one determinate.

The indeterminate is already starting to produce fruit (I'll post updated pictures in a future post).

Here's the determinate:

I'll leave you with some pictures of flowers. Here's a flower from my clematis.

Here's one of my peonies flowering. The pedals have since made a huge mess -- I'm going to move them out of the garden area once the season is over.



pam said...

That basil looks like it's ready for it's first harvest!

nanny said...

I know you are so pleased.
It is amazing how much you can grow in a small space..
Wish I had one!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Your darden is all coming along beautifully. I used to have a huge garden at the house. In latter years I think I planted only tomatoes and potatoes:D

Nick said...

Yours is a lot better than mine. I have only a terrace/fire escape to work with so I have a few different large pots. Just like you, I've got a plum tomato plant and baby tomato plant in large pots - these don't need to be in the ground to grow all that well? I hope not because I want me some sweet homegrown tomatoes!

PG said...

Nick - apparently tomatoes grow well in that's what I'm counting on.

Julia said...

Your garden plans look great! And I love the clematis and peony! Congrats on your garden.

Tomatoes can do okay in pots -- but it's good to use the biggest available. Cherry toms do better than the larger varieties.

rented life said...

Looks awesome! I'm jealous of those who got to plant veggies this year as we weren't able to. Maybe next year.

kat said...

Good luck with the garden, it is such a thrill to eat from your own little space.

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