Sunday, July 4, 2010

Canada Day in Ottawa

Isn't Giz subtle? Next thing you know, she'll be putting out an "all point bulletin" (or whatever the Canadian equivalent would be). The truth is that Giz was doing such a good job of blogging, I didn't want to interfere. :)

First - let me say a belated Happy Canada Day and (an on time) Happy 4th of July to our neighbours to the south.

We spent most of Canada Day downtown, watching some of the traditional festivities:

Kudos to the NCC (National Capital Commission) for trying to make Canada Day more eco-friendly. This year we avoided using a lot of water bottles. Hopefully in future years, we'll all bring our own reuseable bottles and there will be even less waste.

One of my main goals for the day was to see the Queen. Like many (but not all) Canadians, I'm fairly indifferent to the Monarchy. But, seeing the Queen is a bit of a bucket list item. Now I can cross that one off:

Here's a quick video of some of our Canada Day activities.



Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

We are able to see the activities televised from Canada's capital. Ottawa really knows how to put on a celebration. I hope you enjoyed your weekend!!

pam said...

Looks like fun!

Hey- you asked me about your hydrangeas. Just keep them well watered until they get established (water every day if they are droopy).

Lori Lynn said...

Cool! Seeing the Queen is really neat.
Happy bleated Canada Day.