Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cherry Picking

It's been hot! I mean it's been very hot! Throw in an injection of humidity and smog alerts and you've got a serious case for not cooking. BUT - that doesn't stop us from getting in the car, driving to the Niagara Region where you'll find some of the finest cherry picking in the country. Next to Ontario, British Columbia is the only other cherry growing province so I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to get out and pick (even if it is the end of the season)

My helper and I were getting right into the picking.

The trees are beautiful and heavily laden with fruit.

Raspberries are in full picking mode too and how is it even possible to go home without.

Over the next couple of weeks the pears should be ready for picking. I guess we'll be making another trip.

After picking, it was time to do some exploration around the Niagara Region. I think I might have to retire there.

German rhubarb is a little sweeter and requires less sugar when you cook it. My fridge is now full.

The first pickling cukes are ready and so sweet.

Can you ever really have enough garlic?? This is winter garlic - generally harder to find in the city and much stronger than the summer garlic.

A little tired and alot thirsty we continued on to explore the area, have a picnic lunch and visit a gelato place we spied as we were driving in. Our primary stop was at the Wayne Gretsky Winery.

Since "R" has always been a Gretsky fan I made a point of picking up a bottle of Gretsky's wine called, of course, No.99. Naturally, I had to get some for myself too. We did a tasting at the winery - 2007 was a great year and this is a wonderful wine.

For those who watch Jay Leno or David Letterman - sometimes they feature road signs that pop out at you and give you a laugh. Here's a couple we found along the way.

I'd say it was a fun day!


FOODalogue said...

Looks like a fun outing and I howled out loud at the road signs. I'll make no further comment though I'm chomping at the bit to say something about the first one. :)
Save some cherries. I will be posting a 'pickled cherry' recipe later this week.

Julia said...

That does look like a fun outing! And I'm very impressed with the variety of vegetables available at one time - from spring rhubarb to fall pears.

That first sign is indeed funny! I'm just trying to figure out what they *meant* to say.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

That is just too hilarious Giz. Cherries of every shape and size abound here in the Okanagan. I was in Penticton yesterday and picked up some Nan Kings as well as Bings.

kat said...

Its been super hot here I can't imagine going out & picking, good for you!

nanny said...

What a great day....wish I were in your area!!!

min hus said...

Mmm...I've been gorging myself on cherries and blueberries from the grocery, it would be nice to pick my own.

What a sale on that sign!

Katie Zeller said...

You are good!!!!
Picking pitted cherries - either you are very talented or the cherry trees are really fantastic!
I like your helper.
Looks like a near pefect summer day!

Juliana said...

Wow, it sure you had a fun cherry picking :-)

giz said...

Katie - you kill me :). What??? They don't grow pitted cherries in France?

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