Monday, June 20, 2011

Brickworks Farmer's Market

The Evergreen Brickworks Market that produced millions of bricks per year in 1889 has evolved to present day to become a social community that invites locals and visitors to experience sustainability in real time. An environmental center in the heart of Toronto, Evergreen Brickworks offers a variety of ongoing and changing events sure to please any visitor.

A clay and shale quarry for over 100 years (original building still standing), the transformation of this 40 acre piece of land is really remarkable.

A walk around the park just really takes you away from your urban life and transplants you to nature, clean air and a peaceful environment.

and if you're paying attention you may even make some new friends

A relatively new center is called Bike Works meant to promote human-powered transportation. A drop in bike repair center, the space and the tools are provided and it's pay what you can. If you simply want to enjoy the space, bike rentals are also available.

My favourite part of the park is an incredible dog friendly farmer's market. It's busy...really busy.

I even learned something new! Do you have any idea what this is?

It's sea asparagus, also called salt asparagus - really really really salty and I have no idea how to cook with it. Do you?

And when you get tired of walking or just feel hungry there's a food court area that makes life really hard - you have to make a choice!! Hmmmm, breakfast burrito that's large enough to feed a small family? Strawberry shortcake scone, veggie dog, sandwich, or my choice ... Waffle and beignet with strawberries and cream.

Don't look at me!!! How was I supposed to know you wanted a waffle???

One last stop to see the woodworker and by then, you're pretty tired

If you live in Toronto or are visiting, don't miss this place. Plan your time and I promise you'll have a completely memorable day.

I really have to thank my friend "S" who took these amazing photos. Take a bow girl - you did a great job. StumbleUpon


Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

As always there is just not enough time when I am there to see all that I would love to. This sounds like my kind of place! They probably even have zucchini flowers.

One of Ottawa's Real Foodies said...

This is very neat! Thank you for sharing. Great pics too.

That Girl said...

I really do love markets!

kat said...

I love when old buildings get reused like this. Here the old Sears warehouse was turned into a food court full of ethnic foods & shops.