Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chez Edgar

It's hard to believe that Edgar has been open for over a year ago now.  It seems like just yesterday that Marysol was getting her footing as a new restaurant owner.  Now, Edgar is known for its quality, made-from-scratch foods and quaint atmosphere.  With only 11 seats, we were lucky to find a place when we arrived for brunch shortly after opening (not ones to be deterred by the time change).  

I love everything about Edgar, the food, the service, the atmosphere...even getting to practice my ordering skills in French (note: everyone is bilingual, but thankfully didn't automatically switch to English just because I have an English accent).

I'm looking forward to the opening of Odile, Edgar's little sister, which will have more seating.

I ordered the dutch baby, a puffed up pancake filled with slow-cooked pork belly, five-year-old cheddar, apple puree and maple syrup.  I ate it slowly to savour the taste and to make sure I got a bit of every flavour in one bite.  

"Ron" had the cabin à sucre-inspired meal, which included baked beans with maple syrup, poached eggs, potato gratin, bacon and what I think was a yorkshire pudding.

Of course, who can resist the counter full of baked goods?  I went with the lemon beignet, which is a muffin rolled in sugar and cinnamon and filled with lemon custard.

Ron had a plum tart, which he loved.

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FOODalogue said...

I could die from the description of the Dutch Baby. You were right to eat it slowly and savor all. What a beauty!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I'm with Joan, we need to try and duplicate this savoury Dutch baby at home!

giz said...

I think I triple that emotion.

Lori Lynn said...

Definitely my kinda place. Love that Dutch Baby, and the little gooseberry garnish is so charming, I'm stealing that idea.

That Girl said...

Looks super cute

Casey said...

I have never seen a sugar baby like that. It is magnificent.

Anonymous said...

I've ate here lots. It is truly a diamond in the rough. Everyone needs to go here.

One of Ottawa's Real Foodies said...

Marysol is such a genius in the kitchen.So fresh. Full of flavour. I am regular for her soups. We are lucky to have her.

Pickles said...

Edgar is wonderful. I'm constantly drooling whenever I'm there because I can only have her delicious soups and salads. Marysol's gluten-free pumpkin doughnuts in the fall were divine.

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