Friday, June 8, 2012

Fletcher's Smokies and a New Toy

Friday, the start of what looks like a beautiful weekend, lots of foodie related events going on this weekend - what could be better.  Planning a BBQ with friends or family during the weekend?  I've got some tips to share with you.

I recently received a pack of 4 varieties of  smokies from  Fletcher's Fine Foods.  Did you ever hear of them?  I hadn't.  I was getting ready to go to Ottawa to visit with Psychgrad and "R" - perfect - my contribution to a BBQ and easy peasey to deal with.  Packed 6/pack there are 4 varieities; smokie, cheddar, picante and sweet; something for everybody.  Of course, before I left, do you really believe that I could just leave the smokies in the freezer without trying at least one.

Wait... I'm not going to have just a smokie although that probably wouldn't be so bad.  I have a new toy and what a perfect way to try it out.  Yes, I caved and bought a T-Fal Actifry.  I've wanted one for such a long time and the thought of being able to have fries without all the fat was seriously appealing.  

So ... I cut up some russet potatoes (first wash and dry them really well and make sure you cut them similar sizes so they all get ready at the same time) and added my one Tablespoon of oil (I still can't believe that part), set the timer and went to prepare my smokie.

This type of meal is a huge big treat for me and takes me right back to my childhood.  Can you think of anything more nostalgic than a smokie and fries.  

Fire up the BBQ, get yourself some smokies, put up your feet and have a terrific weekend.


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That Girl said...

I'm looking forward to this weekend also!

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