Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Los Angeles, California

Woah -- I didn't expect that EOK would be without posts for a couple of months!  R, E and I have been away and, although I had internet, it was pretty unreliable.

In early January, R's work finally made some decisions on sending him to to the States, temporarily.  So, we had about a week to prepare (book flights, find accommodation, tie up lose ends, pack, etc.) for a five week stint in Los Angeles.  Or, as R likes to put it, "Hollywood baby!"

We stayed in an apartment about a 10 minute walk way from The Grove, very close to Fairfax and Beverly.  The location worked out really well.  While R was working, E and I would regularly take a walk to Pan Pacific Park.  There's no way she would have had the opportunity to go for her first swing ride at home at this time of year.

After some swing time, we'd walk to the Grove and see if we could catch a bit of Extra filming.

When the movie choice was decent, we'd go to the Monday Mommy and Me movie at the theatre

hang out by the fountain, which is matched to music.

It took me a while, but I finally found the cupcake shop there.

I'd also keep an eyes out for celebrities.  I really wanted to see someone who wasn't there for publicity.  I truly didn't expect a celebrity to approach us.  But, Minnie Driver wanted to talk to E and any attempt to seem unaffected went out the window -- I had to take a picture!

Since it's right next to the Grove, we'd often grab a bite to eat at the Farmer's Market.  

From there, we'd often get a few groceries at the nearby Whole Foods or Trader Joe's.  

I'll stop there because if I try to capture everything in one post, it may take another month to post!


Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

It sounds as though you and E made an adventure of your journey to California. Even though I try and convince myself that actors are just people I admit I would be a little starstruck too.

That Girl said...

E is going to be so sad when she's older and sees pictures of herself with Minnie Driver but doesn't remember it!!!!

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