Monday, June 23, 2008

Challenge....PLEASE HELP!

Imagine this is your kitchen:

and this is what you have to work with (plus a smaller sauce pan, a collander and most of the necessary plates/cutlery). Do note that there is no oven and only two elements.:

You will only be in this location for the next 5 nights, so you do not want to make large purchases that will result in waste. You've also already made/eaten pasta with meat sauce, fajitas, and omlettes. Also consider that you do not want to resort to much pre-packaged food.


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Kelly said... can make this in the skillet, and blanch some veggies in one of the pots:

These are another one-skillet meal:

There's always turkey burgers:

Goulash-style meals are one-pot wonders:

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

A sandwich!

Ummm, a really good mac and cheese!

I'm boring...or

Anonymous said...

OK - this is tough. You could make stir fry? Or, saute shrimp in butter. Once done add equal parts lemon juice & soy sauce. Then, toss with pasta & freshly chopped Italian parsley. I saw this done be Julia Child years ago & it has become a family favorite. I love it because it's easy.

Good luck!

xoxox Amy

That Girl said...

HELLOOOOOO You are in the land of fabulous wine! All you need to do is cook some chicken or steak in the pan, add some lovely wine to fatty brown remnants leftover in the pan, maybe some bacon, some fresh herbs, and reduce it a little. Now you have a gorgeous meal with a tasty wine sauce!

Susan said...

Does this bring back memories!!! Kind of fun, actually - like camping out.

Pilaf w/ beans or chili come to mind.

giz said...

So does this mean the days of saying you have a small kitchen at home are over?

Ruth Strong said...

Paella? Crepes/Pancakes? Risotto? Curry and rice? Steak in ciabatta?

I really don't envy you! I'm sure you'll be glad to get back to your regular kitchen!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I like all the suggestions so far, but what about a delicious one bowl salad with chicken or shrimp.....shake up a voila:D

Anonymous said...

Risotto would be good here. One pan for boiling the stock and anther for stirring the rice.

Or what about cajun chicken wraps/sandwiches?

Hot tuna & cheese melt sandwiches with fries?

Chili in taco shells?

glamah16 said...

Crouque Monsieur et Madames.

Lore said...

Hey this looks just like my kitchen so be nice ;))

Lori said...

polenta in a tube, cut up with greens and a piece of chicken.

I know that it is kind of prepackeaged but not too bad.

You could also get bread and do bruschetta with brie or any kind of cheese. Or brie with pears... do stop me now cause I will just keep going.

Y said...

What a kitchen! .. or lack of.. !

Pauline said...


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