Friday, February 13, 2009

Children are the Future

Children are the Future…BloggerAid Invests in Children

You may have heard that Blogger Aid ispublishing a cookbook !!! We are very pleased to announce that we have selected a program that targets children and education through the World Food Programme (WFP), the United Nations frontline agency.

One of WFP’s largest areas of assistance is called School Meals .Through this program, a meal is provided to children in schools where there are low attendance rates This is particularly true where there is a significant lack of girls attending. In some areas where food is available other resources like stoves are provided to these schools. The goal is to provide a hot, nutritious meal as an incentive for parents in poorer communities to send their children to school rather than keep them at home working. An education is the best thing we can give our kids to break the cycle of hunger and poverty and to be a contribution to society. With a project like School Meals, we are very excited to have the opportunity to contribute to the WFP and this program through BloggerAid.

Facts & Figures

• 75 million primary school-aged children do not go to school
• 97 percent of them are in developing countries
• 57 percent of them are girls
• 150 million children drop out of school before attaining basic primary education

Encouragingly, the group of talented bloggers committed to the BloggerAid Cookbook project is growing by the minute!!! We have now reached a milestone of over 100 members. At the request of some of our new members, who are just as excited about this ambitious project as we are, we have decided to extend the deadline until the end of March. We know that we are all busy and you may not have found the time to submit a recipe for the cookbook yet. The new logo has a few of the recipes submitted so far. So keep those recipes coming in!!!

100% of the proceeds from the sales of the cookbook will be channeled to the School Meals Program.

We are continuing to brainstorm about new BloggerAid initiatives and would love to have your input.

You don't need to be a member of BloggerAid to submit a recipe.
You just need a willingness to share your love of food from around the world and want to be involved in raising awareness and money for world hunger and these children. There is no cost to you – just a sense of satisfaction that comes from participating in this exciting project and seeing your name and recipe in print.

You may post about your recipe without revealing the ingredients...the cookbook will be the round-up where your recipe will be published. Once the cookbook has been published you can publish your recipe wherever you will always be yours and you will always receive full credit.

What if my photo skills are not up to cookbook standards?
Submit a photo anyway because we are our own worse critics aren't we? Don't let that stop you!!! But, if you would like, one of our team members will recreate your recipe and photograph it for you. Email your recipe in a plain text Word document along with a photo of your dish to bloggeraid(AT)gmail(DOT)com by March 31st, the deadline for receiving recipes. Let's get the word out!!!!!

More information can be found in the forum of our Social Network BloggerAid . Remember you don't need to be a member to participate!!!

Deadline for submissions is March 31st StumbleUpon


Ivy said...

I am sure that now that people know what we are focusing on will give us all the support they can.

PG said...

Yay! I'm glad the deadline was extended because I just finished a recipe for BloggerAid.

Rosie said...

Thank you Thank you for giving more time with the deadline!! Time has flashed by due to family commitments for me and I dearly want to show my support by submitting a recipe and photos for the cookbook.

Rosie x

Gloria Chadwick said...

I love that you guys chose children as the recipients of the profits from BloggerAid's cookbook. Excellent choice!!!! There's an award for you on my blog. :)

Anonymous said...
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