Friday, October 2, 2009

Hourly Photo Project

Andrea, a well-known local blogger, from A Peek Inside the Fishbowl is hosting an Hourly Photo Project today.

The idea is that you post a picture every waking hour of the day.

I'll be taking a picture every hour and posting them. However, because I'll be in transit for a good part of the morning, I'll have to update later this afternoon with my hourly photos.

Photo 1: Evidence of my procrastination...Supposed to leave by 9am. This is my suitcase at 8am.

Photo 2: Making progress: lunch for the road...obviously missing my 9am target

I'm back...and now catching up on the photos I took.

Photo 3: 10am - finally on the highway...But 417 at 10am = seriously late

Photo 4: 11am - on route
Photo 5: 12pm

Photo 6: 1pm - Definitely more than half way.

Photo 7: 2pm - How can you tell we're getting closer to Toronto

Photo 8: 3pm In Toronto - Mom's dog, Suki

Photo 9: 4pm -- just some of mom's beads.

Photo 10: 5pm - mom's torture device/apple peeler

Photo 11: 6pm - a birthday present for me (warrants 2 pictures)!

Thanks mom!!!

Photo 12: 7pm - groceries for tomorrow night's dinner...

Photo 13: 8pm - yay! A new episode of Ghost Whisperer...but when did they get a 6 year old son?

Photo 13: 9pm - getting tired...


kat said...

What fun. I've been doing Project 365, where you take a picture everyday for a year, for 3 years now. I've met some great people doing it & have become a better photographer I think.

Beth said...

Interesting Day in the Life of Psychgrad...
Thanks for sharing!

(And, yes, what a miserable day it was in Toronto...)

rented life said...

Ghost Whisperer started last week--she was pregnant last season and last week they showed the pregnancy and then did a time lapse thing to "5 years later" a little lame, but understandable. (Can you tell we're fans?)

Fun pics! I think it's always rained when I've been to Toronto.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

What fun to document your day in pictures.

Juliana said...

Interesting way to register your day! Enjoyed seeing the pictures :-)

Unknown said...

Wow that is some project. DCRose

NĂºria said...

Hola Psychgrad! Hey, loved to take these sneak peaks of your day (is that correct?)

The torture machine coment made me laugh :D

Lori Lynn said...

What a fun project!
Happy birthday too.