Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oxtail and White Lima Bean Stew

When Val of More Than Burnt Toast , Ivy of Kopiaste and I teamed up with Gloria of Cookbook Cuisine for the ambitious project of creating a cookbook as a fundraising activity for BloggerAid , we all jumped in feet first to mid ocean with unshakeable enthusiasm. The cookbook will be ready for distribution in November/December 2009 on Amazon and we're thrilled. Firstly, we're thrilled to be able to do something positive to make difference and in some way help to generate much needed funds for the World Food Programme , the largest humanitarian organization in the world and the United Nations' frontline agency in the fight against hunger. Our mission is non political and entirely humanitarian. If I had to add a tagline, it would probably be "We Do Because We Can".

We have begun collecting recipes for the cookbook. Anyone can submit and your submission could very well be published in the upcoming cookbook. The rules are pretty simple:

Submit ONLY ONE recipe in the format given. You will find the Recipe Style Format to be used on the forum page of Bloggeraid. You MUST use this format to make it easier for us to edit and itemize each recipe for the cookbook. Send your submission to bloggeraid AT gmail DOT com with your e-mail. Send your submission to bloggeraid AT gmail DOT com with your e-mail subject being one of the categories below. Please include your URL to your recipe, a photo of your dish, your email and your country of origin. (Only your Name, Blog Title and country will appear in the cookbook)

Choose one category:

Breakfast and Brunch
Appetizers & Hors d’oeuvres
Main Dishes
Vegetarian Dishes
Salads & Dressings
Soups & Stews
Candy & Cookies
Cakes & Pies
Jam & Preserves

It's also very important to write your recipe as a plain text Word document, with no codes or formatting and to submit your recipe as an attachment to our e-mail address bloggeraid AT gmail DOT com. (The person who will typeset the recipes will thank you from the bottom of his/her heart for this). One little wayward code can throw the whole thing out of whack.

It MUST be an ORIGINAL recipe to avoid any copyright issues. The cookbook will have an international flair so represent your country if you so wish. We are a group of bloggers from almost every country of the world!!!!

This is critical!!!!! Do NOT post your recipe on your blog - only the picture of your dish. We want people to have an incentive to purchase the cookbook. Posting a photo of your dish will create interest for your own blog as well as writing a description of what you have prepared, or why you have prepared it, anything like an introduction to your recipe but without revealing the ingredients. Your photo must be clear and in living colour!!!!The deadline for submitting recipes is the 12th February, 2009. We may have a couple of calls for recipes but for the sake of those doing editing we encourage early submissions so we can get materials to the publisher as quickly as possible.

Please mention this event with a link back to this post on your site as well as a link to Bloggeraid so more people will be aware of what we are trying to accomplish.

You don't have to be a member of Bloggeraid to submit a recipe. We know that not everyone has the time or inclincation to join. Having your recipe in a cookbook and helping to create some awareness does speak volumes and many voices make a much louder noise than just one.

My entry for this event is a Giz original for Oxtail Stew with Lima Beans. Although I've always been a cautious experimenter, but since becoming a blogger I admit, I've learned alot about the expression "it's all about the flavour" and boy, does this dish have it.



Gloria Chadwick said...

Giz, your stew looks absolutely delicious! I can almost taste it just looking at the picture. :)

Dewi said...

What a delicious stew, looks so silky and smooth. Oxtail is one of my favorite part of the meat that is perfect for stew. The addition of lima beans make this stew heartier. Perfect for a cold and chilly night.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I'll bet the meat just dropped off the bone Giz. This dish will add a great deal to the success of the book:D

glamah16 said...

Oxtails are my favorite. Hopefully I can come up with something to submit.

Ivy said...

A picture is more than 1000 words, so my imagination is traveling and I can imagine the flavours in this recipe. The stew looks fantastic and I could eat this summer and winter.

Hopie said...

Oooh, how tantalizing! Still thinking of what to submit. Can't wait to see everyone's mouth-watering photos !

Anonymous said...

That stew looks RIDICULOUSLY delicious!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, this looks SO tasty. I love all the ingredients.

Peter M said...

Oh goodness, rustic never looked better!

Anonymous said...

Dang that looks like perfect winter nosh. Oxtails are so velvety and delicious when done right.
Looking forward to the cookbook!

Anonymous said...



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