Saturday, August 28, 2010

The 7 things I loved about the Maritimes

Thank you to Marysol of She Eats Bears for giving us a the Versatile Blogger Award. Marysol is a fellow Ottawan who has an amazing foodblog, that features homegrown/homemade dishes and beautiful photography. One of those blogs that gives me inspiration to grow a better garden, cook more and take better pictures.

We're supposed to say 7 things about ourselves and then nominate blogs that you have recently discovered and love.

Since we just got back from the Maritimes (more posts about the trip to come)...let me list the top 7 best things about our vacation (in no particular order):

1. Deep sea fishing in PEI

2. Whale watching on the Cabot Trail

3. The amazing views on the Cabot Trail

4. Watching sailboat races in Chester, NS
5. Swimming in a waterfall in Fundy National Park

6. Attending Cheticamp's 225 anniversary performance (love Le Vent du Nord)
7. Visiting Hopewell Rocks and seeing the largest tides in the world in the Bay of Fundy.

It's such a cool location, they're even in the running for becoming one of the new 7 natural wonders of the world. Go check out the international competition!

A close 8th place is: Driving 5100 kms (about 3150 miles) with R without fighting (outside of the Montreal area).

Knitting always makes for a great distraction for the nervous passenger.

Here are some blogs that I've discovered more recently and am really enjoying:

1. Grow Chew -- a great source for gardening and life in Ottawa.
2. Simply Fresh -- another great local blogger who shows how accessible good cooking can be.
3. City Home Country Home -- just found Bonnie's blog -- can't resist a blogger whose bio says: "With one foot in the city and one in the country, I quilt, sew, bake, cook, garden, and knit". Plus, her photography is great.
4. Twist Collective Blog -- I've been getting into more knitting blogs lately and this is a great collective knitting blog, with a tonne of great knitted designs
5. Last, but not least Girl about O-Town -- whom I haven't spoken to lately, but still follow while we're both on "summer hours". A local blogger, whose blog posts are always interesting. I'm long overdue on acknowledging an award she passed along to us (thanks for this!)


Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I have spent more time in Newfoundland than the other Maritime provinces, but I love the friendly people, the seafood,and the beauty that is all around you.

Bonnie said...

Thank you for the nice mention of my blog. I am looking forward to more photos from your trip to the Maritimes. I have always wanted to visit there. And...I have one sock that needs a mate (I got bored) so I love the photo of your knitting.

kat said...

Look at those whales!

Anonymous said...

I was thrilled at the mention of my blog on yours! My thanks are now posted on my blog at