Monday, April 14, 2008

The Circle of Life

I don't really have a food post today. Today is kind of a mom type sharing day for me. What prompts this you may ask? I've been a little reflective the past little while.

When Psychgrad and I decided to blog together I thought it was such a fun idea. After all, we both love food - we come from a family that loves food and I mean in excess, not just nibbling. We also have a fun relationship where we manage to throw playful barbs at each other and laugh about them. Such fun.

Psychgrad and her brother Actorboy spent their childhood much like alot of other children - trying to figure out how to do each other in and not get caught. Somehow they managed to reach adulthood without major visible scars and still even like each other.

Actorboy is the Artistic Producer for theatre and last night he launched quite a large event. I sat and watched as he addressed the audience relaying to them what would be happening this season and the changes he had implemented and how Canadian theatre would benefit. I had to kind of shake my head because I couldn't figure out who he was. Yesterday he was 3 and today he's 30 (almost).

Psychgrad - same kind of thing - where did the little kid, with the charming lisp go - the one who picked cucumbers out of her baba's garden? All grown up - with a wonderful significant other "R". Now all I'm waiting for is a grandchild..hint..hint (I've done that often enough).

I promised Psychgrad I wouldn't get too cheesy so I don't want to get too crazy. I do, however want to dedicate this post to parents and children and in this case specifically to mothers and daughters. The video kind of says it all - we've already been through many of these stages.



PG said...

Ok mom. No more watching The Learning Channel (TLC).

PG said...

Oh..and re: baby. I got the message. Breathe. You're going to pass out from holding your breath.

April was in CA now MA said...

What a beautiful post. I don't have children, but you brought a tear to my eye and made me think of my own mom. Congratulations on raising what sound like two wonderful kids/adults!

Peter M said...

Oh geez that's great...all we need from this blog is more confusion with another generation being added to the blogging mix! LOL

All kidding aside, stop, savour and enjoy dress rehearsals in this life.

PG said...

april - you are my mother's new best friend.

peter - Do not worry...there will be no more generations added by my doing any time soon.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

OK Giz, you're a woman after my own heart. Sorry Psychgrad but that brought a tear to my eye. My daughter is probably about your age as well....they love us Giz:D

giz said...

Psychgrad - gee 2 comments within 2minutes - musta hit a nerve ...awwwwwww

April - Psychgrad is right - you're my new best friend

Peter - I thought it was my job to keep you totally confused :) - I seem to have perfected the art

Valli - you're the woman!!! It's good to have gratitude in our lives and we have much to be grateful for.

Neen said...

Psychgrad, don't even bother bemoaning the baby hints. It's part of Moms' genetic make-up. Must be another one of those time-sensitive genes. Believe me, I know. My Mom's kicked in last week. "You live together well, you blog together, why not try parenting together?" MO-OOM.

Giz, we do grow up. (AAAH!) It is scary for both you and us. I applaud you for taking the time to pause and appreciate and reminisce. People keep saying about how fast babies change between the age of 0 and 5. I don't know, the changes between late teens and late twenties seem pretty radical too. I am so happy that the two of you have found a way to stay in touch, banter, do something together as the scary/marvelous permutations in your relationship continue. As I'm starting to appreciate, strong parent-child relationships are a moving target.

Pixie said...

Giz, you keep making me cry :( btw would you like me to send you some tea momma G?

Núria said...

Giz, I'm like Val here! You touched me! I have this same feeling exactly. Just reading the post was touchy but the song was the last drop...
It's nice to see this is such a common feeling, no matter where you are from!

giz said...

Nuria - I know - that song always gets to me too.

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