Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Recent Acquisitions

I always talk about recipes that I make. But I rarely talk about new toys that I acquire (read: receive from Giz). Truth be told, my mom is chomping at the bit to buy me kitchen items. I have to refuse about 3 offers per week because I don't have space. I live in an apartment and have a galley kitchen with only one entry/exit. I use every bit of space I have, plus the attic, to store all of my kitchen stuff. Sometimes I just go onto house purchasing websites to just visualize my future kitchen.

But, when I figure out space for something new, it's always exciting. Here are some recent acquisitions/arrivals.

R brought home some flowers for Daffodil Days. It's amazing to see how quickly the bunch of stems

turn into fully bloomed flowers.

I received a bag of chocolate from Venice:

I'm told that Marchini chocolates are really good. Does anyone know anything about it?

Also, it's not a new acquisition, per say, but I was so excited to have my first bbq of the season that I took a picture of my bbq.

Giz, has become very advanced in her gift purchasing. I'll get boxes every few months (in the mail/from Amazon) that I can't return. But, who am I kidding. Unless it's a Furby (don't ask), I'm all for getting packages in the mail.

Most recently, I received Dorie Greenspan's bible of baking and a juicer. It works surprisingly well. Hey mom, even R likes to use it!

I also recently decided to sew produce bags (you can read about it here). I hate going grocery shopping and wasting the plastic bags to wrap my produce. So, these bags are an environmentally-friendly option.

Last, but not least, today I received the prize for Ben's Food for Plastic challenge. This is the first thing that Equal Opportunity Kitchen has won. Thanks Ben! All of it will be put to good use. The measuring cups are very smart. I think the bowl would be good for a big summer salad or for transporting something to a potluck! The spatula, of course, will get regular use in my kitchen.

Quite serendipitous considering that Giz submitted her blitzes without knowing that it was a competition. Here is the winning recipe, blintzes:

Ben also sells tupperware in his site, that offers some useful options for the Spring. Ben's newest Food for Plastic event features food for kids. If you have any good recipes for kids, his event is a great place to submit them.

Of course - the obligatory reminder about the Tried, Tested and True deadline. Submission will be accepted until the end of the day Monday. I think I've spent too much time teaching university students that I've become a harda$$ about deadlines.



giz said...

geez Psychgrad - the Furby was over 10 years ago - will I EVER live it down ??? :)

Ben said...

Oh wow, those are a lot of new acquisitions. I wish I had my own giz. Hehehe

And congratulations for winning the Food for plastic challenge. I am going to post my entry for your event tonight. Have a great day!

Jessy and her dog Winnie said...

Those are some cool gadgets. I had a furby!! Omg mine was so cute! :D Then again, i was only like 7. hehe good times. good times.

Peter M said...

Yay....for the BBQ...wasn't just gorgeous today?

test it comm said...

I have that problem as well. There are too many gadgets that I would like but not enough space to get them. I would really like to be able to have a BBQ!

eatme_delicious said...

Awesome produce bags! I should attempt to make some. Baking From My Home To Yours is such a great cookbook - I'm sure you'll love it!

Elle said...

Everyone should have their own Giz, hehe! I love your new things! New gadgets are fun.

Rosie said...

You have some real great gadgets there and the baking bible from Dorie wonderful!

Rosie x

Neen said...

My parents are visiting me this week in my TEENY D.C. apartment. They've completely taken over my kitchen (I feel like I have to ask permission to step inside), and are appalled at my lack of gadgets. Unsure about how I've been able to survive for two years without glass measuring cups for liquids (I have plastic ones) or a salad dressing cruit (what's wrong with an everyday drinking glass?) or cookie tins (I don't bake!), well, they remedied the situation. :) Watch out, it would a lot harder to turn down Giz's gifties when she comes to visit!

giz said...

neen - I'm laughing - Psychgrad has become very skillful at setting boundaries. I'm not even allowed in her kitchen when I come to visit. I think I scare her because I keep a computer file of "things Psychgrad needs in her new house" which of course she doesn't have.

Pixie said...

First, congrats to you both on the prize- I have that blitz starred. Just need to make them.

Second, girl you have an attic!!! Lucky you. I have yet to take a photo of my kitchen: it's small, not as small as a nyc kitchen but small.

And I don't get any gifts sent my way but I do get a bit of cash now and then. :) Also, my MIL, she never knows when to stop bringing over food. I have NO SPACE!

PG said...

neen - be strong!

Actually, I do turn down some of Giz's gift when she visits. She has had to take a slow cooker back home with her. Plus, we have different tastes and I'm trying to be relatively minimalistic about what I have in my house. So, boundaries are a necessity.

Pixie - Here's my kitchen. The stool is to climb on top of the cupboards to get things down.

Yes, I do have an attic. It's not insulated and it's pretty dingy, but it does give me a lot of space for storage.

That Girl said...

I have a small kitchen now, but at least it has good counter space and cabinets. The new place has no counter space and no cabinets. Seriously, what man designed homes to have huge television areas and tiny kitchens?

giz said...

I think this is about the time baba (aka my mom) would get started on starving children in African countries. :)

michael, claudia and sierra said...

blintzes - you're killing me over here... my great grandma used to make them... clara rosenberg. i've not thought of her in too long...

Ruth Strong said...

I really need to get Dorie Greenspan's book... I'm only really getting into baking and loved her recipe in the last Daring Bakers challenge.

I'm also trying to get a chance to make something for Tried, Tested and True... mind you most of my TTT recipes i've blogged already. I'm sure I'll get something.

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