Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stuffed Turkey Scallopini

Today was one of those "do I order a pizza or do I actually cook something" kinda days. I've been hobbling around on a pair of crutches for the past week and haven't really felt like doing much in the kitchen. Oh, it's nothing particularly serious - I got out of the car, tore a ligament and am learning to hop on one foot pretty well. It's probably more annoying than anything but not one to be kept down I decided I would give an old recipe a whirl.

This recipe is extremely versatile and can be put together pretty quickly and never disappoints.


3 turkey pieces (scallopini if you can get them)
1 heaping tbsp minced garlic
1 heaping tbsp dijon mustard
fresh thyme
kosher salt and pepper to taste
1/2 cup seasoned breadcrumbs
1/4 cup parmesan cheese
2 tbsp olive oil
6 asparagus spears cut to fit
6 thin slices cheese (I used mozarella but swiss would be even better)


1. If you're using turkey breast pieces as I did, you'll have to butterfly them to flatten them out.

2. Mix together garlic, dijon mustard, fresh thyme and olive oil to make a paste

3. Smear (specific culinary term) one side of turkey breast, add a little kosher salt and pepper

4. Place cheese and asparagus spears in centre and roll up scallopini

5. Smear outside with garlic, mustard, olive oil paste and add more pepper
6. Roll in bread crumb and parmesan cheese combination

7. Put a splash of olive oil in oven pan
8. Add stuffed scallopini and bake uncovered at 375 for approx 30 minutes or until golden brown. If browning too quickly, reduce heat to 350.

9. Serve with heavenly salad - so good

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Melissa said...

looks perfect to me!! thanks for a simple yet wonderful recipe. :)

hope you're feeling well.

Anonymous said...

Mmm... looks another one to try!

Anonymous said...

How delisious and beautiful are those! Love it!

grace said...

i'm crazy impressed that you were able to throw this together with a bum leg! i know many people who couldn't do it even on their best day. :)

Elle said...

Feel better soon! And as soon as I got to the heaping TB of garlic, I went "mmmm!" This looks delicious, and a lot easier than I thought!

That Girl said...

Nothing serious? Torn ligament? Take care of yourself and heal quickly!

Ben said...

This sounds really easy and using turkey is a plus. I love turkey and chicken and with the right ingredients they can make great dishes.

I hope you are feeling better.


giz said...

Wow...had I known a limp would get this much attention I would have milked Psychgrad with it - "Psychgrad...I need someone to come and cook for me... puleeez..."

Lori said...

Laughed out loud when I read your post on my site. You so could do chile rellenos. Hey I have never done scallopini.... I think I can, I think I can...

Peter M said...

Gobble-gobble...the suffing sounds wonderful and the end result is easy on the eye.

Take care Giz-momma.

Neen said...

A) Yes, that does look delicious, and pretty simple for those blah cooking days. B) AAAH! How did you tear a ligament getting out of the car? How is that no big deal?? I don't check your blog for a week and look what happens! I'm now going into maternal worry-wort mode (which I know you know so well), half concern and half indignant at you for hurting yourself! Get someone to pamper you. That's the point of being sick, right?

Take care of yourself, k?

giz said...

Neen - you're really taking this "Jewish by association" thing seriously. When you start beating your chest and throw yourself on the ground wailing I'm gonna have you committed. :)

Anonymous said...

Well it must be simple if you can make this while on crutches! Holy moly, it looks delicious and I hope you are better soon!

Anonymous said...

What an interesting process! I like that the flavor is inside too. nicely done.

T said...

I also do this with asparagus and goat cheese.

test it comm said...

This sounds so tasty!! I hope you get better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey how come you didn't tell me to come for dinner. I was in the neighborhood! :-)

Take care of yourself.

Nina Timm said...

I love the idea of using's cheap, healthy and delicious....

Nic said...

I love the addition of the asparagus spears - looks so good!

Anonymous said...

That looks damned tasty.

Sorry to hear about your accident. I recommend you drink wine to ease the pain. :-)

OhioMom said...

Oh, I like this and I could use chicken breasts too ! Great recipe !!

Lori Lynn said...

This dish looks so homey and delicious, like comfort food taken up a notch.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

These turkey scallopine sound right up my alley ladies. I have also offered both of you the Arte y Pico award for being a joy to read each and every day:D

Deborah said...

This looks delicious!

giz said...

Zen chef - I had your plate set - I was so expecting you for dinner

Jack - wine definitely works - especially in mass quantities

t - asparagus with goat cheese - I like that - I'll try it next time I make it

Val - how nice - wow - do we feel honoured - I feel like Sally Field at the oscars :)

Anonymous said...

What a great looking recipe! It's on my menu for next week - thanks!

Núria said...

Giz the chicken sounds wonderful done this way! Much better than an ordered pizza :D

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