Monday, April 7, 2008

Tried,Tested and True Trifle

There's one week left before the deadline for submitting your posts for our Tried, Tested and True event!

My submission for this event is my trifle. It takes about 30-45 minutes and it always gets rave reviews from everyone who eats it. Be careful though, this trifle has a nagging voice that call to you from the fridge if not consumed in its entirety by you and your guests/family. It's light and not overly sweet (unless you don't like sugar at all, in which case, I can't help you).

I usually make a double recipe - because my trifle bowl is quite large:

(I have used trifle in place of cake for birthdays too - no one ever complained)

The pictures below are from a single recipe.


1 box of vanilla pudding (I use low fat for the puddings)
1 box of chocolate pudding
4 cups of milk (required for the pudding)
1-2 boxes of large lady fingers
dark/flavoured rum (about 1/3 cup)
whipping cream (I use nutriwhip)
your choice of fruit.

Prepare the puddings separately (directions provided on box). Or, if you're really keen you can make your pudding fresh (like this one). Blend the cream until it makes good-sized peaks. Wash and cut your desired fruit (I like using berries, but it depends on the season).

Then start assembling your trifle.

Begin with using a pastry brush to lightly coat the lady fingers with rum.

I don't like the taste of rum or most alcohols in my dessert. You won't really taste the rum in this recipe, it just helps to soften the lady fingers.

Then start layering the puddings and whipping cream. I went with first vanilla (so that the chocolate would be between the vanilla and cream).

Add berries throughout the layers. The more, the better.

Next is the chocolate

Then the cream

and more berries

Then repeat the process. I like to finish the trifle with a layer of lady fingers, whipping cream and then a design of berries.

Note: I always try to make the recipe one day in advance to give the ladyfingers time to soak up the liquid from the puddings and whipped cream.

Look familiar? This is the recipe that I got the icon for the Tried, Tested and True event from.



giz said...

Oh trifle how I miss thee - you were so delicious and gone so quickly. Maybe you could come home and make yo mamma another one :)...hint hint.

Peter M said...

I've never had trifle with chocolate but I know where you're coming from. I've found the trifles with jams to be too rich. My mom's uses custard or pudding and jello...lighter and muchly delish.

Pixie said...

Oh YUm, that sure looks wonderful- wow, your event is sooner than I thought! I shall post a recipe hopefully before Friday!

Vicarious Foodie said...

I've always wanted to make a trifle but I don't have a bowl and don't have the space to get one right now. I've heard you can get mini trifle bowls, so I'm keeping an eye out for those. If I find them I'll have to make this--it looks so pretty and tasty!

Anne Coleman said...


test it comm said...

That trifle looks good, especially with all of the fresh berries on top.

RecipeGirl said...

Looks really great with all those fresh berries. I only have made one trifle. I'm still thinking about what to contribute!

Anonymous said...

This is GORGEOUS! And anything rum is totally up my ally!

That Girl said...

I'm so glad your tried and true is something really simple - I'm going to blog mine tonight and I worried it would be a little too "easy"

PG said...

kate - sometimes it's the simple recipes that garner the most praise.

Rosie said...

This is one dessert my hubby would die for he adores trifle! This is truly GORGEOUS!! What a lovely trifle bowl to show your trifle in all its glory :)

Rosie x

Elle said...

Want. That. Now. And some of that rum, too!

Gorgeous trifle!

Núria said...

Oh... what a wonderful view!!!! I could dive in there :D It looks delicious♥

I'm posting my recipe for your event on friday, hopefully :D

Anonymous said...

Your post is the inspiration I needed! One of my friends' birthday is coming soon and I'm not very good with birthday cakes so I just might use this trifle recipe especially since it's tried tested and true :)

PG said...

Linda - thanks for visiting. I highly recommend the trifle for the birthday cake. Just make sure to make it a day in advance.

You can also make the recipe low fat by using low fat puddings and nutriwhip. Almost guilt free!

Cakelaw said...

This sounds just heavenly - a double helping please!

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