Monday, December 10, 2007

Dinner out..

R and I went out for dinner...

I ordered Pho:

He ordered sushi:

Both were just ok. I'm not a big sushi lover. It's true, I belong to what seems like a small minority of people who don't like sushi. A California roll is ok, but seaweed is gross. My pho was pretty bland. The chicken was dried out and the shrimp didn't have any flavour. Oh well, I tried.

UPDATE: I should clarify that my "Oh well, I tried" refers to the restaurant and not to trying pho. I generally like pho and have been to a couple of good pho restaurants. There are a couple of newer pho places in closer walking distance to my apartment and I've tried them out. Both were not great. One was the dish above and the other was beef. Above is my first chicken and shrimp pho. Rich is right, stick to beef. Lessons learned - 1. go to the Vietnamese area of town where there are many pho restaurants rather than restaurants in my near vicinity. 2. stick to beef pho. Other lesson I learned from eating pho 3. don't order an appetizer unless you're getting a small bowl of pho (or have a big appetite). Pho on its own is very filling.


Anonymous said...

I am all about thinking outside the box, and supporting a local place is to be commended. I have so many pho places within a 5 mile radius of my home, I do my share of experimenting as well. However your blog post made it sound like you were poo pooing the dish because they made you a bad chicken/shrimp caesar salad. Sorry for the assumption. I still stand by my point. Pho is about simplicity. In such cases it is always best to stick to the things the house does best, not the stuff they have to include for non-red meat eaters. I think you proved my point.

Anonymous said...

I liked your update, and I think your suggestions are very good. I'm glad you did not take my comments as being overly critical. I like the idea of your blog very much. I'm looking forward to seeing it progress. I'm actually thinking of starting my own now. I'll keep you posted ;-)

PG said...

Yes - definitely keep me posted if you start a blog of your own. Feel free to come back and comment any time.

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