Saturday, December 15, 2007

Schnitzel and Sweet Potato Fries

I found an interesting-sounding recipe for sweet potato fries. It was in the back of my mind while I was at the grocery store last weekend, so I picked up these:

They made more fries that I had anticipated and they didn't shrink in the oven the way potatoes often do.

In addition to sprinkling cumin, salt, and olive oil on the sweet potatoes, as the recipe specified, I added spicy paprika (one of my favourite spices) and crushed pepper.

As I've said before, I tend to like my food on the softer side, so I cooked it longer than 15 minutes in the oven at 425 F (probably closer to 20, including 3-4 minutes of broil).

While the fries were cooking, I made my schnitzel. Schnitzel is a food I associate with my mother. I have a distinct memory from around age 10 of getting off of the school bus, running into the house and smelling schnitzel. While there are many variations, including a more scallopini-style thickness, I usually just cut chicken-finger sized pieces for frying. I dip my chicken pieces into egg and then a bread-crumb mixture.

This bread crumb mixture is about half parmesean and half bread crumbs (I was low on bread crumbs). I also added a generous sprinkle of basil, oregano, onion and garlic powder, and pepper. I should have also added spicy paprika.

Another option would be to add a dip in flour before you use a dry, wet, dry pattern.

Fry the chicken in a hot oil pan on medium-high. Careful, it will burn if left too long. Particularly if you use cheese. Thankfully, another wierd food preference thing of mine is slightly burnt food. I like burnt potatoes, popcorn, cheese and marshmellow. Not all together, of course. My bizarre food combinations only extend to strawberries and full sour dill pickles (no mom, I am not pregnant).

The verdict: sweet potato fries are good. Not as a good as potatoes...but considering the health benefits, definitely a recipe to repeat. Schnitzel - good as always. Note: if working with frozen chicken it tastes best if it defrosts naturally in the fridge. Microwave defrosted schnitzel is distinctly less juicy.



Anonymous said...

My sister LOVES sweet potato fries. I hate them though. I wish I did love them because they are healthy. I have never tried Schnitzel but it looks good!

JustMe said...

i absolutely love sweet potatoes, and what a great way to prepare them. i often forget about making them into fries. i think i'll definitely try it.

PG said...

Thanks for your comments ladies.

s-girl - try out the schnitzel it's super-easy to make

justme - it was a good recipe. My mom also suggested dipping the sweet potato in egg whites to make them crispier when they bake.

HP said...

Funny. I have the burnt food thing too. Always love schnitzel but take mine with spaetzle and sauerkraut.

giz said...

I made this recipe last night and baked it rather than fried it and the result was really good and I'm deluded into believing that a breaded schnitzel in the oven is less calories than fried.

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