Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why Equal Opportunity Kitchen?

It's difficult to think of a good name for a blog. Often, I am pursuaded to check out a new blog based on the blog title alone. So, I think that the title of your blog is an important consideration. As I mentioned in my first post, I was considering "World's Worst Vegan" because most of my recipes contain some sort of meat and/or dairy product. R and I have even considered (mainly as a joke) a pre-nup where we specify that neither of us can become vegan. I don't have anything against vegan and vegetarian lifestyles and in fact agree with many of the reasons behind these choices (environmental, animal cruelty, use of hormones, etc.). I just like meat and dairy products too much to give them up. I would like to do more to live organically and reduce waste and it's something I'm working on. Here's a good blog if you're interested in doing more to live organically yourself. I think my next step will be to purchase more organic household cleaning items. I promise I won't link to Oprah's items very often (although Giz might), but I was considering this optionfrom Oprah's favourite things list.

Anyway - this post isn't about living's about the title of our blog. The picture above is of a magnet that I've had on my fridge for the past 5 or so years. R's aunt gave it to us. To me, it's representative of my generation and the lifestyle I want...equal. I love seeing men/fathers taking an active role in taking care of household chores, raising children, etc...and I feel equally strongly about women having the choice to pursue careers of their own. This doesn't mean I feel that women (or men) should not stay home, if this is a feasible preference that works for you and your family.

Although this blog may make it seem like I do all of the cooking, it's not true. I do all of the blogging about cooking. Also, typically, I'm the one cooking the meals I blog about because R wouldn't have the patience to let me take multiple pictures at every step. But be assured, that behind my (hopefully) yummy blog recipes is a slightly disgruntled, but supportive R doing the dishes. Or...acting as my "kitchen bitch" (as he calls it). On other days, we reverse roles and I play the kitchen bitch role.

Case in point. R washing dishes. Do note the subtle hand gesture.



Donna said...

I'm usually the kitchen bitch here in my home. I can't cook worth a shit and don't like it either. Thank goodness the hubby is a good cook. However, periodically he decides that I should cook. Sigh. I'll keep watching your blog for easy stuff to do. I don't plan ahead well and don't like to do complicated stuff, but you can only cook scrambled eggs for dinner so many times.

giz said...

Many of the recipes are really fast - the key is just having the ingredients in the house.
I wouldn't mind having a kitchen bitch for clean up but the dogs don't reach the counter.

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