Monday, December 10, 2007

Welcome to my new blog!

We are happy to announce that PayPal is up and running and we can start raising money through the BloggerAid initiative for the World Food Programme! For more details about this initiative, click here.

We have run into some challenges. Specifically, how to appropriately charge shipping charges through PayPal. The current system available to merchants using PayPal outside of the USA is limited. As a result, we're having to find some create ways to work around these limitations. For the full details about the limitations, scroll to the bottom of this post. But, the short story is that if you're ordering different products (e.g., both an angel and a bookmark), you will be overcharged on shipping. Not to worry though. We will refund the appropriate amount so that you will not be overcharged on shipping.

Here are the products and their corresponding PayPal buttons. Simply click on the relevant button below the picture to add that product to your "cart".

To purchase angels shipped to North America, click here

To purchase angels shipped outside of North America, click here:

Shipping Complications:

What was happening in our testing was that each time an order was placed, the shipping charges would calculate individually. So, if you ordered 3 items you were charged shipping three times. Doesn't make sense.

Although we don't have a complete solution (PayPal doesn't have a complete solution and are still working on it in Beta format) how the shopper experience is now is that if you order say 3 of one item, the shipping calculator works fine. If you order 3 of one item and say 3 of another item, the calculator doubles up on the shipping. Yes, I know, it's confusing. The only way we can get around it is:

1. Purchaser places order
2. If it's all one item, it's not an issue
3. If it's a combination of more than one item, the calculator isn't intuitive, it will multi calculate. We're aware of it and so is PayPal.
4. The solution is: when you're ordering, and you order multiple items in different categories, you will be reimbursed the overage on shipping on our end. We will immediately credit you back any overage that may appear on the order. You'll see a credit come through either on your credit card or your PayPal account.

It's not the best solution but it's the best PayPal can offer and we want to make sure you have a secure shopping environment.

The good news is that PayPal is currently beta testing a more efficient system and have added us as one of the first (outside of the USA) to implement once it's available. It won't be tomorrow, but since we're now on practically first name basis with our friends at PayPal, they know we're not going away and we have their number.

Here's a sample:

I order:
3 Angels @ 5.00 ea. - shipping is $3.00 for one item, $0.25 for each additional item
10 Bookmarks @ $12.00 - shipping is $3.00 for one item, $0.25 for each additional item
I would have paid $9.00 for shipping - see what I mean?

What it should look like is:

I order
3 Angels @ 5.00 each - shipping is $3.75
10 Bookmarks - shipping should add $0.25 per item or an additional $2.50
Total shipping would be $6.25
The credit back I would receive to your account and that would happen as soon as the order is being processed is $2.75. Make sense?

Remember that International orders will carry slightly higher shipping charges.

I (Psychgrad) decided to start a Food blog. I'm always struggling to determine what to make for dinner. So...the main motive behind this blog is not ultruistic. But, I hope that others find these recipes tasty and useful. Then a brilliant idea struck me, I should invite my mom to be a co-author on this blog. I'm releasing her from the lurking shadows of my blog (where she stopped posting after I gave her shit for her comments on my early blog posts).

Some days, if we have the patience, we'll give a step-by-step pictoral representation of how to make meals. Other days, we may just link to other blogs that have interesting recipes to try.

I was thinking of calling my blog "World's Worst Vegan". But I didn't want to confuse or offend my readers. The idea was that the majority of my recipes contain some sort of milk or meat product.

My influences are family, friends, and television shows (Giada, Barefoot Contessa, Naked Chef, Ricardo, Restaurant Makeover). Some days I like to just experiment too -but it's usually with caution. I'll get my mom to do her own introduction post to talk about her influences.

I avoid chefs like Paula Deen (her food will kill you), Rachel Ray (she's too hyper for my liking). I'm on the fence about Chef at Home. I like his food and that he goes to special locations (Folk Fest, on a ship, etc.) and his recipes are realistic. I wish I had his pantry. But his tone is annoyingly condescending. Please, talk like a normal human being. I'll still understand you.

I'm going to start my blog off with a lot of posts that I've transplanted from my other day-to-day blog. Enjoy! Feel free to comment or post suggested food blogs. StumbleUpon


Pixie said...

U just wait grad, I shall soon post my kitchen. I can't even get the floor in the photo. Though, it looks like I may possibly have more shelves than you. However, I have a box of cereal all the way on top and huge large plates too, as well as cookie cutters and pans!

Neen said...

"I avoid chefs like Paula Deen (her food will kill you), Rachel Ray (she's too hyper for my liking)."

See, this is why I truly love you.

Oh, and your kitchen is gorgeous and cute. Wish mine were that clean. :)

PG said...'ve seen my kitchen in much less clean states (carrot cake post and Malaysian curry post). So, trust me, this picture or at least the appearance of my kitchen in this picture, is a bit of a rarity.

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