Monday, December 17, 2007

New Cookbook & Beef Stroganoff

I picked up this cookbook (for myself) during my xmas shopping yesterday:

Anything with the word "booze" in the title can't be bad. Plus, it has some great looking recipes and a fair ratio of pictures to recipes. Not to mention recipes that start off by saying "drink half a can of beer" (to use the other half in the recipe).

Each recipe is matched with a alcoholic beverage of some sort. Such as the recipe associated with the picture below for Apricot and Vanilla Chicken Baskets. This recipe is paired with a Mangopolitian.

Or, this recipe for Cuba Libre Back Ribs, paired with Cuba Libra (rum and coke):

I haven't tried any of the recipes yet, but the lady at the store had tried three and gave them strong endorsements. Only potential drawback is that average number of ingrediants/recipe. I didn't calculate it, but they're fairly elaborate.
I'll be sure to update on the recipes I try.

Tonight I made Beef Stroganoff for dinner. My version of stroganoff is much different from other's. Maybe more of a poor man's/woman's version.

Beef Stroganoff

- ground beef or turkey (1 pound...actually, I have no idea how much...enough for 2 people)
- cremini mushrooms, sliced
- garlic, crushed
- low-sodium cream of mushroom soup (1 small can)
- onion powder, paprika, pepper, chilli peppers
- sour cream (to taste - I usually add about 2-3 heaping tbsp)
- rotini (or pasta of your choice)

- brown and strain ground beef/turkey (note that ground turkey tends to have less flavour than ground beef). Add in mushroom and garlic. Saute for 1 minute. Add cream of mushroom soup, and spices. Let cook for a while. Approximately 10 minutes before serving, add sour cream. StumbleUpon

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Anonymous said...

Im gonna try this. It looks good!

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