Monday, December 10, 2007


Ok - bare with me. I documented making my first Thanksgiving dinner (the first time making it, not celebrating it).

It all starts off with a desire to get rid of the turkey my mom snuck into my freezer.'ll have to turn your monitor to the right.

On Chef at Home he talked about creating a bed for the turkey to sit on - see step three. Seemed like a good option considering that I don't have a rack that would fit the roasting tin I bought.

Afterwards, I seasoned the turkey with salt, pepper, spicy paprika and bit of thyme. Inside I squeezed and shoved a lemon into the carcass, some more thyme, rosemary and garlic. I also spread some margarine around on the skin. Basically the same thing I do with roasted chicken.

Here's a very exciting picture of potatoes.

and salad...

I've been avoiding buying store bought salad dressing. I tried this recipe instead. I don't have white wine vinegar, so I used rice wine vinegar instead. Plus I added extra garlic. It was good...

After searching around my shitty local grocery store (that charges way too much) , I decided to just find a recipe online.

I used Maggie's recipe. Only problem was the idea of warming up my muffin sheets. The vegetable oil started to smoke and the smoke detector kept going off.

But, in the end...success

Actually...moderate success...My guests turned up 30 minutes late, which completely pissed me off, and my first batch of Yorkshire pudding got cold.

But in the end, everything was good. Here's what the table looked like:

Last but not least, the dessert. Apple and pumpkin pie.



Rositta said...

Your Thanksgiving dinner looked absolutely lovely. Our Thanksgiving was in October and I missed out on turkey this year. Tough to get in Greece and no where to cook it. Are you really in Afghanistan?...ciao

PG said...

Hi Rositta - welcome. You are our first commentor. We just started this blog and I didn't modify the country no, Afghanistan is incorrect. We're from Canada (same October Thanksgiving). Please feel free to come back and visit anytime!

HP said...

Yorkshire puddings in Canada! Yorkshire puddings anywhere. I love them. Dinner looks great.

PG said...

Yorkshire is one of my favourite parts of turkey dinner. I'm actually glad I couldn't find the package stuff in the grocery store - it was really easy to make...except for setting my smoke detector off while trying to heat up the muffin tin. I must have misunderstood the instructions to warm up the tin.

Princess of the Universe said...

Ok, you've inspired me to actually try- thanks PsychG!

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