Monday, December 10, 2007


Poutine can be a sensitive issue for some people. Really, it should be made with cheese curds and gravy. The cheese curds shouldn't be too cold when you put them on the fries and they should squeak when you chew them.

So - these fries, with grated cheese would not cut it for many people. The waitress suggested we contact their head office's poutine department to complain.

Janet is Hungry has a good recipe for poutine.

Here is poutine on crack:

Here is more traditional poutine:



Anonymous said...

Poutine! Mmmmmmmmmm!!!

When I go to Quebec, it's quite literally all I eat. I have a favorite little restaurant in Ste. Anne de Beaupré which makes it perfectly. I could eat it until I burst!

Here in Maine, a lot places try to make poutine for the locals, knowing that just north of the border, it's an extremely popular item. They can't quite make it happen though ...

The secret to poutine is in the gravy ... and of course, the proper cheese (raw cheddar curd.) The gravy is a strong beef gravy, and has a bit of a salty-vinegary edge. Hard to describe. A milder gravy with softer cheese is different enough for it to not be recognizable as poutine. It's as different as canned off-brand soup is from that lovely recipe you have above! ;o)

Sorry for the long comment. It's just that you've hit on what is probably my favorite food of all time! *LOL*

PG said...

Hi Moof - thanks for stopping by! I live with someone who is a major poutine lover, so finding/eating good poutine is a must for us.